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Sammy Keyes stuff
Just talking about Sammy and Casey and just the series in general.
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Night of Skulls
What will the Night of Skulls be like; how will Sammy and Casey act as a couple, what hudson, grams,Marissa, dot, Holly, Warren, and HEATHER will think of them as couple! :
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CammyPretty much Sammy and Casey
Uh, yeah the title is all what this forum is about. BUt I still think that CaseySammy should move a LITTLE bit faster. JUST ADMIT IT ALREADY!
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Sammy Keyes and the Wonders of Her Wonderful World
A bunch of stuff over Sammy Keyes. Such as: Songs that remind you of characters/couples, the idea of a TV show, and most important the Review Game - which will help you get and give more reveiws. Books discussions and all the jazz too.
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All things Sammy Keyes
Basically a places to talk about anything and everything involving Sammy Keyes! Come check it out!
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What Sammy looks like
What do you think Sammy looks like?
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Sammy's Dad
Theories on who Sammy's dad could be. Because Van Draanen is a mystery writer, he has already appeared in the series to keep the element of surprise.
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The New Books
Random talk about the new sk books, and other randomness. :
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Sammy Keyes
Sammy keyes rules!
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Let us discuss "calmly" and "rationally" why we can never kiss Sammy Keyes goodbye. Let's discuss anything, my dearest Sammiacs.
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Sammy and Casey And Marissa, Dot, and Holly
For people who like the Sammy and Casey pairing. And just Sammy Keyes in general.
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Sammy Keyes!
talk about Sammy Keyes and random stuff...
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