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Secret Circle RP! Open and active!
You can claim anyone, except for Faye because I have claimed her. Thank you!
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The Best Couple
who do you think is the best couple in L.J.Smiths books?
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The Secret Circle Series: Fans Unite!
The Secret Circle Series had an endding leaving readers wanting more, and I beleive that it should continue. Talk about the places where the story goes after the last book. What do you want to see happen on Crowhaven Road?
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Nightworld:have your say!
ok guys,this is a forum where you can have your complete unlimited say on the Nightworld series!feel free to say whatever you want and advertise your fanfics with a little info on them!Enjoy!
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This is a forum to discuss your most beloved L.J.Smith guys.
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Vampire Diaries Reprints reposted under LJ Smith
Does anyone know anything more about those? If you don't know what I'm talking about go read the letter from L.J. herself at
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The Secret Circle
A place where you can talk about the Secret Circle books and stories made from it; where you can talk to the authors of those stories and see where they got their inspiration for them.
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