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The Selection 2016 Role Play
The newest Selection Role Play Forun
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The Selection Trilogy Challenge Forum
For all Selection Trilogy Writers who need inspiration or a cure for writers block! Join so that we can expand our fandom!
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Be A Part of the Selection
Come on, come all, Sons of Illèa, to compete in Princess Serenity's Selection. Create a character and dive right in! Read the rules first, or risk the Princess's displeasure.
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The Selection Series
Come get advice on plot lines, flesh with characters, gossip about Maxon/America versus Aspen/America. All things Selection!
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make you feel my love selection thing
enter your self or your character into prince christians selection
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The Selection: Battle for the Crown
The Selection def: The process of choosing the future Queen of Illea reality: A competition of passion, manipulation, and heartbreak for the love of Prince Roman. May the best girl win, and long may she reign.
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A new Selection: Prince Evdinem
When Elesa Alcott entered the Selection she never thought she would win. 50 years had passed since King Maxon and Queen America has demolished the caste sysrem, but some people still want to see Illea fallind apart. What can Elesa do in thus unknown and dangaerous world?
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Maxerica Forum
We are here to fangirl (or fanboy) about all things Selection. Whether it be the author, the up coming movie, trashing the never picked up tv series, or, our favorite, MAXERICA!
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The Selection Roleplay
The twin prince and princess of Illea are now 18 and for the first time in history there will be a double Selection. One girl and one boy from each of the 35 provinces will be chosen to compete for the hand in marriage of the prince and princess. While they remain at the palace their families will receive money each week. All candidates automatically become Threes (unless already a Two), the winners and their families will all become Ones. With 70 in the palace instead of 35, this Selection is sure to be...
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Group dates: Twisted Love
This forum is for Twisted Love contestants only! I will be holding some interactive dates here, so if you are interested, enter Twisted Love SYOC
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The New Queen
A far decendant of America has come and she has a fire behind her. Trinity, a four, has learned her family history and was chosen in a life she never wanted. Will she live the life of America or return home empty handed?
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the truth
what if thing we're different and america told Maxon about Aspen from the beginning will things turn out the same?
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