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The library
Talking about everything ASOUE and then some.
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Discussion in General
Talk about things in General. Discuss whatever you want, whether or it is about ASOUE or not.
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A Series of Unfortunate Events RP
Welcome to the World Of Series Of Unfortunate Events.
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Talk about my stories and random schtuff. Whee!
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A Series of Unfortunate Events Fanfiction Challenges
Welcome! This forum is a place where we can challenge each other, get inspiration, and perhaps some other things as well :) Feel absolutely free to come on in and join the fun!
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A Series Of Unfortunate Events Randomness
Come on and post something...you know you want to...
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ASOUE plot and relationships discussion
This is where you can talk about theories on the plot and all the relationships you either see and like or dislike, or relationships you want to see.
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ASOUE Roleplay
We welcome ASOUE fans, come here and roleplay as a canon or make your own OC!
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A Series Of Questionable Rps
Why isn't there already one of these? Well come in and rp your little dismal heart out
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Series of Unfortunate Events Parodies
Talk about ASoUE and junk here. Why are those crazy kids at the crazy camp so... crazy? And no FionaKlaus shippers allowed. Allowed is VQ, KI, and LauraCody from my fanfics...
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A Series Of Unfortunate Events
Talk about anything here, and meet new ppl.
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Sorry, I deled the last one, heres what happened!
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Make an OC or play a character from A Series of Unfortunate Events
Play your fave character or make an OC From ASOUE!
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The Thick Theories
This is a forum where you can post and discuss your various ASOUE theories. Anything from evil chracters, to secret codes, to different ships. Keep it clean.
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Thirteen Conversations About One Thing
This forum was set up to answer any questions about my ASoUE fic, Thirteen Conversations About One Thing. If you have questions or ideas, or just want to discuss the story, post them here!
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Where is that fic based on the ASoUE movie where V
I've been looking for this thread for a while. If you find it, state the name.
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Finding The Ones
A place to dicuss the possible people for Lemony Snicket films.
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ASOUE cafe where they sell root beer floats!
For everyone who never wanted it to end or just wants to talk about the books, the film and beyond!
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A Series of Unfortunate Events Role Play
Role Play Game for ASOUE lovers : Violet Baudelaire: Klaus Baudelaire: Sunny Baudelaire: Count Olaf: Esme Squalar: Fiona Widershins: Firnald Widershins: Quigley Quagmire: Duncan Quagmire: Isadora Quagmire: Izzy Quagmire
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Discover and create conversations and form theories of what you think really started the schism and why lemony snicket is who is — and other topics.
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Series of Unfortunate Events RP
I want to start a roleplay with the characters from the Series of Unfortunate Events. Anyone can join!
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My ASoUE Stories
What do you guys think about my ASoUE stories?
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A Rose Between Two Thorns
What if the fires never happened and the Baudelaires and Quagmires were friends? What would happen if a certain Quagmire had a crush on a certain Baudelaire, only to find out his brother also fancies her? Find out in this romantic story
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Ideas for after chapter 14
I'm writing loosley based on the ASOUE TV show (with some stuff taken from the movie just for fun). What happens after the Baudelaires leave the island and how they meet up with Lemony and VFD. Spoiler: most of the ideas I will pull out of a hat. Requests requested, post or PM me. Thank you
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A Series Of Unfortunate Events Fanfiction
This is a spin off of the first book. Instead of Count Olaf leaving the Bauldilare children, he ends up taking them back to his house, where they will live with him. There, Violet gets her first period and is not sure what to do because there is no one there to help her. During this time they meet Justice Straus, who is able to help them out of their predicament.
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