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Fanfiction Workshop
A forum to discuss ideas, plot, etc. of not only my fanfiction, but yours as well.
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Disscussions of the Master
Talk about everything Sherlock Holmes. The movies, the cannon,the characters, everything!
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The Consulting Room
A place for fans of the original ACD canon and pastiches based on the stories. Please read the Rules before posting on this forum. Thank you.
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To be a Londoner
A role-play. Whether you're a street urchin, a drunkard, a nobleman, or Holmes himself, you've got a story. And you're ready to tell it.
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Elementary My Dear Reader
For anything and everything Holmes and Watson!
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Life Lessons as taught by The Great Detective
A list of anything and everything we can learn from Sherlock Holmes and his world - from humor to friendship to basically anything. Please contribute to the list!
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The 221 Project
An ambitious collab project - come find out all about it!
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The Boswell Files
A forum dedicated to the gentle Doctor...
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The Game's Afoot!
For discussions about Sherlock Holmes canon and fandom nothing too serious, just informal observations or topics anyone has about Sherlock Holmes. Come join!
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Sherlock Holmes Writers Forum
It's a forum for Sherlock Holmes writers and people who want to write Sherlock Holmes
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Holmesian Musings
All things Sherlock Holmes! Feel free to include TV series and movies as well as books.
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Plot Bunny Adoption Agency
have a request for a fic you'd like to see? an idea you'd like to pass on? a prompt? a challenge? post/discuss here!
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Sherlock Holmes BBC
This is the BBC's version of Sherlock following the life of Sherlock.
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Victorian London Reference Desk
For the discerning author, historical fact checking is a must. Get help with your research here.
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What kind of Holmes romance do you like modern gir
There are romances concerning Holmes everywhere.There are two kinds:Holmes pairing up with a modern girl and Holmes pairing with a girl in his time. Please tell me which one you like
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Scotland Yard
Appreciation, discussion, monographs and diatribes regards our favourite professionals. Sherlock Holmes Canon and Fanon followers welcome. Because, frankly, there isn't enough Love for Lestrade, Hugs for Hopkins or Babes /Boys for Bradstreet. Sla
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Time travel fanfictions
A place to discuss the problems with modern day characters finding themselves in Victorian times. Recommend good examples and tell us about your own ideas.
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Misteri Delima Biru
Sherlock Holmes dan Watson menyiasat tentang penemuan sebutir delima berwarna biru di dalam tembolok seekor angsa pada hari Krismas. Sherlock Holmes menyedari delima tersebut merupakan milik seorang countess dan ia telah dicuri beberapa hari lalu. Mereka berdua mula menjejak pemilik angsa itu dan melalui pelbagai situasi menarik.
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ˡᵃˢ ʰᵒʳʳⁱᵇˡᵉˢ ᵗᵃʳᵈᵉˢ ᵈᵉ ⁱⁿᵛⁱᵉʳⁿᵒ
Conjunto de relatos basados en la serie de BBC Sherlock y en los libros de Sir Arthur Conan Doyle también sobre este detective. Ningún relato tendrá relación con el otro todos serán casos distintos inventados por mi y de vez en cuando consultados con mi colega Almx (dejare sus redes sociales y las mías al final de cada capítulo) aparte de los personajes creados por Sir Doyle podrían aparecer personajes míos. algunos relatos estarán basados en la época victoriana ( libros) y otros del año 2000 para arriba (serie)
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