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The Shiver Roleplay!
The shiver roleplay! Come roleplay as your favorite characters! discuss your favorite moments from the books :D *Open still active!* *Lots of spots open*
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Shiver Role Play
As you can see, this is a role play for Shiver by Maggie Stiefater. You can play any canon characters or make an original character to play. Takes place after Forever.
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Shiver RP!
Come and play as a wolf or a human! OCs welcome
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First Forum
Hey so not only is this MY first forum, this is also the first forum for Shiver. Well I'm pretty sure it is...Anyway so basically this is just discussing anything that has to do with Shiver. And if anyone wants to help me moderate this that's cool too.
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Shiver Characters
Here is where you can talk about the characters and such.
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Werewolf Profiles
This is to create your own werewolf characters. I've made one:
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