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Silmarillion Relationships
Discuss your favorite canonical or noncanonical Silm relationships here, and share tips on how to write them!
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I Fell Asleep Reading the Silmarillion
A discussion/plot exchange forum for those who have read the Silmarillion to impart their knowledge to those who involuntarily fell asleep attempting to read this fantastic work.
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The Sons of Feanor
Who's your favorite? What do you think about their fates? Discuss anything about the Sons of Feanor here!
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I like Aredhel. Who else likes Aredhel?
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The hither shore
for anyone who loves the Silmarillian
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The Silmarillion Film Project
Have you ever dreamed of seeing Feanor, Morgoth, Turin, and the rest of your favorite Silm heroes and villains in a movie? Do you have talents in writing, voice acting, writing and playing music, and/or drawing? Well, the you might be interested in The Silmarillion Film Project, a series of animated movies created entirely by fans. All Silm fans are welcome!
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Over Analysing: A Silmarillion Forum
A forum for discussing and digging into ideas/characters Tolkien created, particularly for theories and analysis.
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Of Elves and Men
This is a forum for my fans to post and chat about the Sil. This is a none slash board and so if you like slash this is probably not the board for you. However, feel free to talk about anything else you want! I love to hear from you guys!
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Valentines and Pick-UpLines
Valentine's Day is around the corner... and though there are 3791 "I'd like to have an Inn at your Prancing Pony"s, there are no Silmarillion Valentine's Day cards or pick-up lines anywhere! Let's rectify this- I mean, the Silm has the best love story of all time (and a lot of doom and death, but hey!)
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little Ann
after the defeat of Sauron in middle-earth Mairon returned back to the void. He somehow gets bored and tries to help Eru... a little fanfiction based on roleplay and real life, un canon stuff and more (angbang confirmed shit)
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Portrayal of the Feanorians
How do you write the people of Feanor's House? Here is a place to chat about all the ways there are to write 10 of the most popular characters of the Silm!
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