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role play, become a bat! and live life in darkness
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Zhalia's Flight School
A forum dedicated to my bat Zhalia Brazilwing from Dragonwing. On this forum both Bats and Dragons will be taught the wisdom of flight by her great expertise. :) We are still in the process of getting set up so feel free to stop by.
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Silverwing: The Next Chapter
Rp as a bat.
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fly far fly fast
rp as a bat and go on exciting adventures to try an find your colony
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Silverwing Forum
Talk about anything from any of the book series.
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Welcome to the New Forest
The New Forest is an ever-expanding maple and oak forest. Along the Northern edge is a thicker Pine Forest stretching up the easing slopes of a inactive volcano, topped by a pure water spring. This forest is dense with life and thick with growth, the entire forest is untouched by humans and is reserved for the welfare of its wildlife.
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Silverwing Theories
Have a Silverwing/Darkwing/Sunwing/firewing etc. theory, rumor or know of an upcoming book? Post it here!
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Bats of Night
Join a colony, write your story and create your family tree! Elect a new colony leader and become one yourself. It's all up to you. Note: Thunderwolf7 is also a moderator and shares responsibitlity of organizing this forum. Please no chatting on unrelated
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