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role play, become a bat! and live life in darkness
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Greeting I am Leaf the Koala and I like to welcome you to the Paquita a forum that caters to the stories of Dragonwings as well as that of my own story. Its been about 9 winters since I have worked on it and I have decided to bring it back. In this story universe you will encounter dragons, bats, koalas, mice, moths, and a variety of different creatures. I sure hope you enjoy your stay with us. [Reactivated 4/9/2020]
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Silverwing: The Next Chapter
Rp as a bat.
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fly far fly fast
rp as a bat and go on exciting adventures to try an find your colony
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Welcome to the New Forest
The New Forest is an ever-expanding maple and oak forest. Along the Northern edge is a thicker Pine Forest stretching up the easing slopes of a inactive volcano, topped by a pure water spring. This forest is dense with life and thick with growth, the entire forest is untouched by humans and is reserved for the welfare of its wildlife.
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Silverwing Forum
Talk about anything from any of the book series.
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Silverwing: Coming of Eternal Night
King Goth has risen again and his influence is spreading throughout the jungle. Cama Zot's power begins to grow and as he strengthens, nights seem to grow longer, the sun seems to become dimmer. Eternal night is coming and with it the dark rule of the ruthless Cama Zotz. You are a bat and you and your friends and allies must work together to prevent this from happening.
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Silverwing Theories
Have a Silverwing/Darkwing/Sunwing/firewing etc. theory, rumor or know of an upcoming book? Post it here!
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Bats of Night
Join a colony, write your story and create your family tree! Elect a new colony leader and become one yourself. It's all up to you. Note: Thunderwolf7 is also a moderator and shares responsibitlity of organizing this forum. Please no chatting on unrelated
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