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Sisters Grimm Fanclub
Um... Fanclub/chat type thing! Read and post! BRING YOUR FRIENDS! We're all friends here!
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The Scarlet Hand
Everyone, at some point in their life, has wished for a brief moment that the "bad guy" would win. Come on here and tell us, or, if you don't want to admit it, just discuss the myriad of awesome villains in the Sisters Grimm books!
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Joining Arms
I dont know why I put the title as joining arms but I did so its there! DEal with it Punk! So anyway this is a fourm where we can discuss the books and other sister grimm like things! Maybe you even just wanna say Good morning? Also I dont mind if you adv
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Monthly Sisters Grimm Story Winners
You can suggest nominees for monthly winners who deserve a winning story. After the nominees are released then you can vote. Winning stories will be listed on my community.
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Faerie: A Sisters Grimm RPG
Have you ever wanted to be an everafter or maybe live in Ferryport Landing? Well, here you can! A Sisters Grimm RPG! Everyone is welcome!
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The future is Grimm
Every random thing discussed from SG! When I say randomn,I mean RANDOMN! Post!Post! Post!...& DISCUSS!P.S ANYONE CAN CREATE NEW TOPICS!
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Characters of the sisters grimm!
Talk about Characters.....Hates,likes, Ect.
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Its Randomly Sister Grimm!
OK everything on this forum is going to be VERY random! Most of it will probably be about the Sisters Grimm but whatever.... used to be titled The Sisters Grimm or just whatever
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Daphneish Language Club
Gravy! Welcome to the Daphne-ish Language Club! We talk about the Daphne-ish Language, make up words for the Daphne-ish Language, and talk about all things Daphne. How Pucktastical is that? Come on and help create a new language!
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Sisters Grimm
This forum is to discuss anything about sisters grimm. Even the color of Puck's eyes or something just as weird. You can even make up Daphne's Word of the Day!
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Great for if you have writers block or just need inspiration! Come here to give challenges, receive challenges etc. !
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Limegreen's Forum for the Obsessive Writer
Need to share news and ideas? Tired of the same old storylines, OOC behaviors, and misspellings? Allergic to mangoes? Join the club.
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Which type of story do you guys like?
Then, we all know what to write and we can just be happy and no flames coz flames are... flamey.
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Who is the Master? The Everafter War, Book 7, SG
It's the big question! Who really is the master? You might be surprised with the results.
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Agony Auntie
Everybody has problems, right? Just post on this, and I can gurantee 45% that your problem will be solved. Or... just chat!
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Um ... Basically awsomeness a lot of diffrent parings and caricters, predictions ... Basically awesomeness
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Sisters Grimm Fan Club members forum
For members of the Sisters Grimm fan club Different site! to talk.
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Ferryport Landing RPG
What happens when the fairy tales end? What would happen if you lived in a town full of fairy-tale characters? Join Sabrina and Daphne Grimm in Ferryport Landing!
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puck luvs brina and canis luvs granny
title describes it all
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Welcome to Ferryport Landing
Well, I feel weird making stuff in forums that belong to other people, especially ones that don't ever get used, so, natually, I created my own. Talk about the Sisters Grimm books, the fanfics of said books, whatever. I wouldn't be surprised if lots of si
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Do You Hate This SG AuthorStory?
If you hate an Sisters Grimm author or story, write about it! Share your thoughts! Remember: It's not flaming if it's not on their story. SO HA!
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a forum to discuss the sisters grimm pairing sabrinaxpuck
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One Hundred Bad Situations
My One Hundred Word Challenge, and my first Fic! Just a bunch of random stories, so please review!
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Sabrina's name
Hey! This is about Sabrina's name, and other ppl's names, and yeah....blah blah blah....I'm really bad at summerys, so please check this out for me! Thax
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sisters grimm and artemis fowl lovers, welcome her
ok, so you found someone who likes sisters grimm. great! you also found a friend who likes AF! great! but, have you found anyone who likes both? i think not, but here is the forum for those people !
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