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Puckabrina Mania!
Please... I... need... Puckabrina. Please submit links to stories that are pure Puckabrina. WEEEE!
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ok this forum is all about puka and sabrina, everyone's favorite couple! Post anything you want about them.
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sabrina and puck lurv eachother
sabrina and puck lurv each other, they just wont admit it. discuss what u think on the topic. plus why does'nt henry aprove?
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love that never ends
THIS IS MY FIRST FAN FICTION - Sabrina some how got a spell that the love of her live has to kiss her in the lips.
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Project Grimm
i need ideas for my first story if you have any post them here
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Puck place
Puck Puck Puck Puck Puck Puck. The name says it all.
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Sisters Grimm Characters
Add descriptions of the Grimm characters that you think I should use in my stories!
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What should I do?
Hey guys! For my story, I have a question that I want YOU all to answer because you guys are the ones reading it! Plus I want you all to have the best reading experience from my story so, with that being said, tell me should I... 1. Keep the POVs of the characters after every REAL chapter (such as Prove it why don't you! or The Trickster King's Room changes?)? Or... 2. Should I just continue the story without the POVs for them? Please tell me what you think! I have a poll on my profile in case you all just
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The Sisters Grimm
The Sisters Grimm is super popular, and this is for people to talk about the books and their own stories that they wrote.
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