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Skulduggery Pleasant RP Forum!
This is an AU RP set in London, based on the Skulduggery Pleasant series. Still accepting! Feel free to join.
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Skulduggery Pleasant forum!
A forum where anyone can talk about anything to do with everybody's favourite skeleton detective.
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A Pleasant Role Play
Step into the world of Skulduggery Pleasant. Fight, live, all that shiz nit. Just try not to get on the bad side of the Cleavers eh?
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just for fun
this is a RP to have fun with so please join you can create a char frome scratch or use one that you have already created but you CANT use one from the acctual books.your chars can be strange if you want (I have some really strange chars). have fun
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Click on it, I dare you
A skulduggery pleasant forum...
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Get the SkulBook app for FREE! China Sorrows, Skulduggery Pleasant, Flecher The not Great Renn and 391 other people likes this.
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Skulduggery Pleasant with two T's
So this is for people who like Skulduggery Pleasant! (He doesn't have to be your fave character though...)
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Skulduggery Pleasant RPG
Create your character and participate it in the story and yourself in the writing.
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Advertise your Skullduggery fanfics here! Need free advertisements for your stories? Post them here and you'll be getting a lot more views and reviews! K -T only.
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Skulduggery Pleasant Rp
This is my first forum please don't hate me *cries in corner*
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Valkyrie's Parents?
Ok so I fully can't remember Valkyrie's paretns name? I reallly! need help?X
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Skulduggery Pleasant Writing Contest
Hello! Inspired by the fictionpress version, we're going to have a writing contest! Maybe two! Bring a pen, paper, and a good idea!
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Who might really Darquesse be? What sparks Valkyrie on to be her? How do we get rid of her?
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A Skulduggery Pleasant Roleplay Forum
Companion forum to A Skulduggery Pleasant Discussion Forum. Here is where we roleplay! Anyone's welcome!
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Before 2000
Skulduggery? His wife? His son/daughter? China and Mr. Bliss? Tanith, even? They all have a story. Question is... what ARE they?
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Skulduggery Pleasant Character Powers
Post in cool powers that new characters in the book could possibly have!
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The Kingdom Of The Wicked?
The new book's title's finally released, yay! Only a few hours left for a small, special weekday party, here's a forum that you can discuss about the new book and you guesses, opinions... Oh you got it! :D Enjoy ;D or also youre free to write maybe random
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skulldugery pleasant RP
Come here to rp
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Another Random Skulduggery RP
Another RP forum, just cuz
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Solomon Wreath Hot or evil nasty man?
Ok, so we find Solomon Wreath, necromancer and my future husband, to be the most classy and amazing character in any book but most other people disagree...What are your thoughts?
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Valkyrie's Reflection a Riddle? Stuck Not Understanding Scapegrace? Need a Good Power For a RPG? One of our moderators can help you, with friendly, quick advice... Welcome to the Skulpedia!
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Skulduggery Pleasant Charcters free for use
Come and tell us your Skulduggery Pleasant character! free for use. must include creators name if used
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Weasel in a Mackinaw
General discussion about anything! Your stories, requests, any and all welcomed! :D
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skulduggerys past
its about skulduggery's time in the war (his family is still alive and china hasnt switched sides yet. have fun
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Avril Fair
Avril Fair was human Skulduggery's partner with awesome earth powers but one day evil Nye transported her to another universe for 20 years,were Skulduggery and Valkyrie are. How will she she cope and how will she survive to meet her Skulduggery again.
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