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The Ficship Competitions
Tamora Pierce fanfiction competitions, judging stories in Tortall in the Knighthood of Ficship Competition, and Emelan in the Circle of Ficship Competition. Nominations begin June 1, 2012.
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All Things DOM
A forum dedicated to the sergeant we all love. Discuss why he and Kel should end up together, common misconceptions about his character, Dom look-a-likes in the world, and most of all…why you love him!
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The Men of Tortall
Finally! A forum dedicated to all the men of Tortall. Discuss pairings and why you love them. ALSO: Fun topics included a 'versus' section and soon-to-come Auctioning of the men of Tortall!
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The Tamora Pierce Experiment: Writing Challenges
Monthly writing challenges for Tamora Pierce fanfiction. Come in and share your writing with others, Rent-A-Beta, and find new ideas to explore
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Beka and the Rogue
A Beka/Rosto fan? Well this forum is for all of us fans out there that think Beka and Rosto should end up together. How can we- Beka AND us- resist the charms of such a deadly 'white-haired' cove? Exactly. We- Beka included- can't...and shouldn't :D
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Tortall Roleplay
tortall Roleplay
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Tortall RP
come in and create your own character to be in the world of knights and magic.
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Tortall Fanfiction Challenges
This is for anyone who wants to write something for a challenge or challenge other writers with a challenge. Sorry for the horrid summary.
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Circle of Magic
I just needed some friends for circle of magic. I don't mind if you're a fan of Tortall, just a fan of the books Tamora writes.
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Advertise of good stories here!
You get to advertise your stories here, or if you are looking for some good fanfics...check out this forum!
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If Tamora Pierce’s books became movies, what actors and actress’s do you think would play best for any character in the book.
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Tortall Pairings
A place to talk about what TORTALL parings you like. AJ, AG, DN, KN, KD, etc.
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Tamora Pierce Challenge Center
Here you can submit challenges to authors or find one that you would be interested in doing. You can also post links to your responses here on the site.
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Ideas For Writers
I am making this forum for the people who are like me, they love to read, but are for any number of reasons, unable to sit down and write a fan fiction. we may have ideas, but how can we write them? how about we let YOU write our stories?
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Jonathan and Alanna Addicts
Just what the title says
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Circle of Magic RPG
Sign up as a young mage at Winding Circle or a canon character from the lands around the Pebbled Sea. Game will begin after Will of the Empress, so be sure you've read it!
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Favorite Characters
who's everyone's favorite characters? i personally like alana, she's a lot like me. but you know, to each hisher own!
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A new site
hi i have moved from here to we have great fun there and also go COMPLEATLY crazy LOLAL :
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What if?
What if Alanna married Jon? I thought it might be interesting to think of all of the things that could've been different!
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Knights in traning role play
Well as the title says it is base at the castle so we need some girls and boys and maby some teachers
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DaineNumair pairings
Basically what the title says . . . anything that is DN!
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Tamora Pierce fan cllub
well this forum is 4 all of those people who are inspired by TamoraAnd a discusion of her web site.
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Magey Monologuing
For any discussions on any of the Tamora Pierce books.
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Future of Tortall
What if Tamora decided to write books on her heroes kids? How would they look, act? Would there be marriages arranged? All this and more can be discussed here.
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What if's and story starters
If you have any good story ideas you aren't going to use, or are looking for some inspiration, come on in!
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