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The Sookieverse
Plug your Southern Vampire Mysteries fanfic! Talk about your favorite fics, the books, the show, whatever! And join us in writing the Never-Ending Story about our favorite telepathic barmaid!
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The All Human side of the SVM Universe
Do you love the All Human stories and one shots for the Southern Vampire Mysteries? This is your place! Plus your fics, recommend others, discuss your writing and get ideas! Come jump on the All Human bandwagon!
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Southern Vampire Mysteries RP
This is a role play forum for the books based around Sookie Stackhouse. You may select a character or make your own.
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Charlaine Harris book discussions & Fanfiction
An area to chat about Harris' wonderful books. Plus, categories to discuss the fanfiction that she inspires.
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Northman's World
I would love to meet people who loves all this world and especially Eric Northman because he's hot and awesome and I love the character and the actor.
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TRUEbloodLUST SVMTB Fangreaders Group
If you are interested in meeting other SVM/ TB Fanfic readers and want to join in the fun, contact Fairyblood to get your link to enter the chatroom/s.
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Fangtabulous & Fangalicious Fics
This community – purist at heart – honors the best vampire Eric stories or one-shots on SVM. Grab a chair, make yourself comfy and sink your fangs into these awesome Fics – enjoy the Viking as he was created to be enjoyed – stroke his long hair and drool
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True Blood
Have you fallen in love with the Southern Vampire Mysteries books? Do you find yourself setting the DVR for True Blood? Have you written or read fan fiction regarding the show? Come on, you know you wanna join...
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All Things Eric!
Talk about all things Eric Northman!
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Anything & Everything on Sookies life
Just read the title!
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A Normal Life Forum
Casically a discussion about the SVM in Casey Cortez's world.
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Assent To Love
Do you have questions or comments about Assent To Love? Come voice your opinions ask your questions from the source and congregate with others like youself.
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Dead Pan Contest
Info for the Dead Pan Contest
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Random SVM Challenges Just For Fun
What would happen if Sookie stop pretending she belongs in the Human world and realize she fits right in witn the Supe community? How would things turn out if she quit complaining and started learning how the Supe world works and how to survive in it? Wou
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What in the hell?
This is just a place to make random comments about where the books have led us and where we have yet to travel.
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