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Spirit Animals Unite!
On the surface there is peace in Erdas but an ever present question looms in the background. Who truly are the Greekcloaks? In reality the higher ups order assasinations on those they deem to be a threat. Even within the ranks of greekcloaks few know the truth. Those who do are blackmailed to perserve their silence. But the Greencloak and Conqueror children who have narrowly avoided death live in fear that one day they too will die for their parents crimes.
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Everlasting Hope
It's been a few years since the Wyrm struck and everything has been quite peaceful until now. A new evil has arisen and it's up to the Greencloaks to stop it! Do you think you have what it takes to defeat an overly power hunger Zhongese Emperor? Play both sides of the story! Join and find out! LBTQ safe.
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Just a forum to talk about Spirit Animals.
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choose your spirit animal
you can chose your own spirit animal( you can be very, very specific.
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