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Survivors: The Next Generation
Have you ever wanted to walk in the path of the survivors dogs? Well, now you can, here you can roleplay as a normal pack dog... but which pack will you be part of? The swift-dogs? Or perhaps the Fight-dogs... or are you strong enough to survive with the fierce-dogs? Find out, in Survivors: the Next Generation...
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Starless Skies- a Literate Survivors Roleplay
Pack-Dog, Leashed-Dog, Lone-Dog, or Fierce-Dog- it doesn't matter what you are anymore. For countless moons, dogs have lived together- be it in peace and harmony or locked in combat. But an ominous force has spurred a change in the world around them. Become a dog. Enter the world. Make a splash, or even a landslide. For the world of dogs will never be the same again.
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Survivors dogs lemons
hi! I'm maoing survivors dogs lemons based on the erin hunter book called survivors, get ready!
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