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Blood Space
Para todos aquellos que siguen esperando que su madre las envié a Forks en donde conocerás a una familia de vampiros vegetariano, visitaras la reserva, iras a la escuela de Forks y viajaras a Italia para conocer a los Vulturi. Pues este es el lugar inficado para ti. Dentro de este foro podrás encontrar retos, juegos, debates y muchas cosas mas. ¿Que estas esperando? ¡Únete!
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Twilight Under Estimated Characters Story Contest
Let your imagination run free and rewrite Twilight using at least one or more of our favorite characters. We can not wait to see what you can come up with. Any rating and any pairing, ANYONE WELCOME
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Twilight Warrior
dibuat untuk event Twilight Warrior 2013... Subkategori Puzzle Pieces (Missing Scene) dan Halloween's Halo (supranatural/horor). Terbuka untuk pertanyaan, kritik, dan saran. Partisipan dapat menyertakan link story
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Twi Contests and Recs
My random Twilight Contests if any ones interested... :)
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saving the princess
hey guys preferable an OOC Bella, i like her to not be a fragile child, and very against jacob(don't hate me its just for this) but send me a story where she needs to be saved in some way and the winner i will give them a free piece of jewelry that i have made. i will contact the winner via fanfiction and we can then get your info t o mail you the prize.
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