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Uglies Trilogy Roleplay
Are you ugly or pretty? Or are you one of the few that is a Special? No characters from book! Please join1
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UgliesPrettiesSpecials RP
I have read the Uglies series and fell in love with it and I love Role playing. I've been looking for someone to Role Play with so please join.
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uglies series
a place to talk about the uglies, pretties, specials, or extras.or anything else to do with them.. enjoy!
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This is a forum for my submit-an-Ugly, Pretty, and Special fanfiction called Heroes. Here, I will post all the character profiles, and you can add and discuss them, my story, or even, instead of reviewing on my story, you can submit your character here.
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Special Circumstances RPG
Okay, this is a forum for pplz who love the book Specials in the series Uglies. The other books are fine, but this will take place during Specials and maybe eventually Extras. See what you think.
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Uglies Pretties Specials and Extras Fans Only (Not an RP!)
Want to just talk about this series? Please come and post your opinions or any thoughts you have on the books! :) Thanks, and remember this is not a Roll Playing Fourm :D
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Pretties RolePlay
Have you heard of The Uglies, The Pretties and The Speicals? Well I love the books and said "Hey this would be fun to Role play with" and I am!
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Uglies RP
Create a character and rp
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They added the Uglies trilogy!
Hi! Discuss any plans for stories HERE...
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Uglies Rantings
Rantings on different pairings, stupid book endings, whether or not you would be an Ugly, a Pretty, a Special, or an Extra, and why or what the advantages are of each
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Leviathan WTH is its category?
A forum to talk about Scott Westerfeld's newest series: Leviathan, because neglected to up a category of its own. 8/
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Specials RP
Ok this is another Specials Rp. Just have fun and do whatever!
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