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Underland RPG
You want to role play in the Underworld, make up a prophesy, choose your characters and go on adventures? Click here to join the fun!
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Underland Chat
Want to talk about the series? Come in!
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underland talk know the truth
any one want all the secrets?
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Underland Pairings
Well... random talk about pairings seen in the UC's.
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Gregor and Luxa what's up?
Luxa and Gregor...what do you wish to happen?
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The Prophecy of the Underland Challenge Forum
Want to write a fanfic for the Underland Chronicles? Good. You can never come up with decent story ideas? Bad. Well, that will no longer be a problem with this writing challenge forum.
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Fanfic Discussion
Everything about fanfics in here, which is your favorite? Who is your fave OC? What makes a fanfic good? It's all here.
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This forum is for my readers to access the polls I have created. Even if you are a guest reader, I implore you to spend half a minute of your time on voting in these polls, even if that means creating a small fanfic account. If you are not comfortable with that, I'll be creating an outside poll for guest readers to vote.
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Gregor and the Subtle Prophecy
My series! All feedback accepted, but need constructive feedback mostly.
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i was surprised no forum for it!
talk about the underland chronicles
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TUC SongFics
Well, there most certainly have been lots of SongFics popping up around TUC Fanfics, so let's talk about 'em here. All things SongFic, as long as it's TUC.
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Slums of Regalia
Come here and share your opinion, thoughts, feelings, questions, and stories with thousands of Underland fans like you!
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Heroes of Regalia
Heroes of Regalia, join here. The future shall become known, the realm must be saved, and peace must be upheld. All heroes of the underland are welcome in the great stone city.
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Underlander’s Wish
Luxa is an normal Underlander who had lived her life normally. Until she found a cave that lead to a strange place called the Overland. There she found someone she didn’t expect.
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Gregor and the Prochecy Of Claw
Forum for polls for my fanfic
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