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In Companion's Field
A place to discuss anything relating the works of Mercedes Lackey, primarily the Heralds of Valdemar series. Got a canon question or a fic rec? Come on in and share!
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Did you say Valdemar!
Talk about anything and everything Valdemar
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A dying breed
A forum to talk about everything and anything Mercedes Lackey, including but absolutely not limited to the Valdamer...Verse as it were.
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Valdemar Writers Coalition
With so few dedicated writers, this is the haven where we can discuss anything: plot ideas;difficulties with writing; the books. Also other things not connected to the series, just for fun.
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A whisper of thought
Welcome feel free to speak your mind here
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The Five Hundred Kingdoms
Valdenmar there is much of but none that I see of the Five Hundred Kingdoms. Let's remedy that.
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Velgarth Times
General forum for all those who love the works Mercedes Lackey and the fandom it has spawned.
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