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Number One Vampire Academy Roleplay!
Takes place after Last Sacrifice, Lissa is queen and Rose is her guardian and Dimitri is Christian's guardian and they are now open with they're relationship. The setting is the Royal Court. Invitation only! Message a mod if you're interested
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Vampire Academy Role Play
St. Vladmir's is now accepting new students, dhampir or Moroi! So come on in, fill in an application, and wait for your letter of acceptance. We hope to see you soon!
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Vampire Academy
RP of the series Vampire Academy :D Set after Last Sacrifice :) Invite only :)
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A new VA RP!
Sooo this is my first forum that i made so yea if it's not really good then i'll just wing it.
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Vampire Academy Roleplay
Title says all. Come and roleplay!
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VA Role play
you can role play as anything, moroi, human, dhampir, or strigoi. I just want to say that I honestly don't have ANY plot set up soo...
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Role Play VA Style
Role play here using the VA characters or OC's!
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St Vladimir's Academy: Fangs, Fists, and Drama
St. Vladimir's Academy is one of the few places in our world that houses Moroi and Dhampir children so they can go to school without worrying about mortals or Strigoi. That doesn't mean there's escape from typical drama or over the top teenagers, unfortunately... Maybe this year will be different? Yeah, right. Set Post Series.
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Vampire Academy Characters kids!
This is a forum where the old characters now have children who go to the school. You can make OC characters so just join and enjoy
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RolePlay: The next generation
A new threat haunts the Academy and its up to the children of our great hero's to put everything back to the way it should be.
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VaMpIrE AcAdEmY RoLe PlAy
Vampire Academy, the next generation! I've got a list of claimable characters, and then a form for O.C's! All new members are welcome!
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Vampire AcademyBloodlines Role Play!
Just what the title says, you role play and have fun. Set after The Golden Lily
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Writers Club
Where Vampire Academy Fanfiction writers can come to discuss anything from characters, couples, plot devices, stories... or even the book series themselves!
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Vampire Academy RP
This is a new forum where you can come and meet new people, claim your favorite character, create an OC and have fun! Open to everyone and is currently active!
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Vampire Academy Role Play
Okay some one start
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The Vampire Academy Review Crew
A place to work on your writing, fangirl about Vampire Academy, RP and more. It's not my fault, so much my genius.
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Alrighty, This is the general fangirl argue over who's the hottest forum... Who you're married to... That stuff. Go Crazy.
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Okay, so its not a movie yet but if it was who wud b in it, wud u even have a movie etc. Basically its a forum to talk about the 'movie' of VA! xoxo
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Vampire Academy Roleplay
I joined a roleplay forum but didn't like one of the author's so here's my own :D
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Vampire Academy Role Play
Bases off three different area's The Courts. Vampire Academy. Siberia and if you want another area just PM me and i'll make it
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Spirit Bound
For those who have just read the book and wish to discuss with others.
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Character Awards and Dicussion
This is where we talk about our favorite characters and award them with funny awards.
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Vampire Academy Roleplay!
Ok sooo i want name your characters and lets Role Play!
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We can awaken you if we want
Strigoi numbers are rising... Humans and vampire alike are all in serious danger. The Strigoi are viscous, and won't stop for anything but the sun. Create Moroi, Dhampir, Strigoi or Human Originals no Canon's please, it starts fights . Set 20 years after
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VA roll play. you can be anyone you like, first come first served. you can make em' up or use real charachters or both. what will happen? plus disscousion on what will hppen next int he land of strigo mori and dhampires!
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