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Dimitri or Adrian?
whos team r u on?
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No sólo una historia más de vampiros
Donde puedes venir a hablar acerca de los personajes, novedades y practicamente cualquier cosa relacionada con Vampire Academy :
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Spirit BoundLast Sacrifice
where fans of the Vanpire Academy series can come to discuss "Spirit Bound" -what you really thought of it and what your thoughts and predictions are for the next book "Last Sacrifice"
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StVladimir's Boarding School
This is a place were you can be a your own student at St.Vladimir's Academy. You can Role-play and enjoy yourselves on here.
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Vampire Academy Role Play
Join the student body of St. Vladimirs. You can be a OC or Cannon character, and there is no specific time period. You can still be at St. Vlads or at court! Come join while all the good characters are still availible!
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Vampire Academy RP!
Cannon Characters or Ocs! PM me if you want to join or just ask in the Character section!
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The Academy
An academy for all creatures of the night and the light.
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Vampire Academy Roleplay
AU. Canons do not exist but, is set up with the same background and universe. Come in and help make original characters and plot for the roleplay.
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Songs for Characters and their Relationships
Where us fellow VA lovers can share songs that speak the most to us about the characters and their relationships in all the books, including the upcoming Spirit Bound and Last Sacrifice :D
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Vampire Acadmey Role Play
set After Rose's Generation,your in highschool. Drama is afoot...
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Vampire Academy: Role Play Style!
Come here to role play. Not make your own characters, but make up stories about the VA characters. You can be Rose and have someone else be Dimitri and Lissa and everyone and make up a story and do dialouge and a story with other people.
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Vampire Academy Roleplay
Just as the title says. Please come along and join this fun rp. Tell me which character you want to be and then we can start and have hours of awesome fun and celebrate the awesomeness of Vampire Academy!
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St. Vladimir Academy is still standing strong, long after the reign of the Princess Dragomir. Now, it is time for a new generation. But they aren't the only ones planning. Open RP.
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DimitriRose, LissaChristan, and other couple lover
It doesn't matter what couple you love just pm me and I'll add it
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Last Sacrifice
Alright, so gather round to talk about what you all thought of Last Sacrifice :
English - Topics: 1 - Posts: 3 - Since: 12-26-10 - Admin: a234
Vampire Academy RP
Look at the title, as long as you know the book you'll understand except...now I would sort of like to start at the beginning and instead of going along with what Richelle Mead did we go on with our own story. Starting when Rose and Lissa get brought bac
English - Topics: 3 - Posts: 3 - Since: 06-19-11 - Admin: Little Dhampir Rogue
Come roleplay Vampire Academy in an exclusive enviornment that is safe and fun! *Mostly invitation only, but you can feel free to check it out* Pairings and other info are inside.
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Vampire Academy 101
Come here to roleplay, talk about VA, debate, and just have fun with the VA world!
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OC Roleplay
Create your own character Dhampire, Moroi, Strigoi or human :
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Vampire Academy, Roleplay!
This is a fanfiction for the series Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. We'll start from scratch. You can be a main character, or be your own, or claim a pre-made one.
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THE academy
Vampire academy is in session! Create an OC or take a Cannon character and begin going to classes and having fun with your best friends! *ACTIVE*
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Vampire Academy Next Generation
A new generation of students have been admitted to St. Vladimirs. But there's a storm coming, a storm that will challenge all the new students at St. Vladmirs, and will force them to grow up faster than they planned. (No canons, but welcome to be offspring of canon characters!)
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Mostly aimed at lovers of VA and for veterans of Facebook roleplay. Original characters encouraged. Set in the VA world.
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Vampire Academy
Be one of the characters from the books or create your own OC, anything can happen and all are welcome :3 Just have fun
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Need to find
For those stories you know are there but you cant find...
English - Topics: 10 - Posts: 1 - Since: 04-16-12 - Admin: Breezylou
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