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Life isn't always fun
Things are going very wrong for Rose. Her love life sucks, her best friend always has to come first...And now her mum-famous Gaurdian Hathaway-is dead!
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After Being Frost Bitten
What happens if after the Frostbiten book was made that was the end of the series. This is a chance for us to continue the series.
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my fcking lovely life
Rose leave skt vladimir when dimitri tell her he leave for thasha but when she left he be in the hope of seing her agin when and if she when back
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Hey guys! Chek out my new fic: The Taste of Blood and Chocolate : summary: What happens when you have the choice to help the ones you love, but know that there will be a price to pay at the end? Rose lives in a very unnatural, and phenomenon world, and after a horrific incident, her sister lie dying. With no possible way of saving her,her parents sell her for exchange for their oldest daughter's life. But, now that Rose is about to take on a new and strange journey to not only a new world, but new secre
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the return
rose and lissa are brought back to the academy adventer and love
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Enjoy intense FanFics and Strigoi POVs
I know it's weird but I like stories where someone is being hurt or Rose is turned. That is mainly what I write about. Would love to talk to readers and writers who agree.
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VA - The After Match
This forum is for everything related to VA. It can be for discussion, role playing, everything. Just tell me and I'll create a room for it. For the role playing part, action will take place at Court, after the last novel.
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Blood Sisters and Blood Lines
Ok guys this RP, is a mix of Blood lines. And "Blood Sisters" which is actually vamp academy. Ask one of the mods before joining. :)
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Vampire Academy
This is a forum dedicated to all the human stories of the VA series
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Official Vampire Academy Movie
VAFamily discussion on the first movie and awareness for the Frostbite movie!
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New Character
for my book. rose needs someone to help her in her life/school life. will meet in third chapter or fourth one.
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Lost Vampire Academy Stories
Once upon a time you read a Vampire Academy story, now you want to read it again but you just can't seem to find it. Ask here and hopefully you will find your lost story.
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Rose and Dimitri Story Ideas
Write in this forum any ideas that you have for my story. If you write i will most definitely take your thoughts into consideration and will give you a shoutout in the next chapter. Just write all your thoughts and ideas for what you want.
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Bad Flower
What hapened if it was Rose who was turned strigori and not Dimitri?
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Help looking for a specific story !
Rose is the princess from England and meets dimitri, prince/king of Russia, at the annual military ball rose and her father Abe host every year. Rose and Dimitri see each other and dance all night, BUT Dimitri is already engaged to a woman named Meredith. Hopefully my summary isn't too bad and someone can help me. If you need more infos what's happening in that story just text me but I don't want to spoil too much it's one of the best story's I've read so far and would love to read it again
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A new queen
Lisa has recently became queen of the moroi world
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How to Promote Our Fanfics?
I have been writing stories from few months on Fan fiction. My newest story gets the highest reviews, which are still very less. What should I do to promote my stories.
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need help finding a story
i am looking for a story, I'm hoping to use this forum as a place where people can look up stories and help each other. The story i am looking for is a VA one, where rose and Dimitri are engaged at st vlads and they go out for her birthday dinner and when they come back rose see's dimitri kissing tasha, but it is dimitri's way of saying goodbye to tasha. also they are working on trying to help rose control her darkness and they all meet in the gym, dimitri finds out about it and is not happy but helps them.
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Te lo puedo contar
No todo es lo que parece... Hay mas hechos, personas y mas tras la historia de VA, lo que nos contaron no fue la realidad
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You Comrade, Are Very Hot
What If Dimitri didn't make it in time to save his Roza from Natalie, a new Strigoi? What if Natalie had done more harm than a normal Strigoi? One-shot at the moment. First story so please be nice.
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Vampire Academy: Nothing is impossible
Esta hitoria esta basada en lo que sucedio despues de las sagas: Academia de Vampiros y Bloodlines. Rose se encuentra viviendo en un sueño, es Guardiana de su mejor amiga Lissa y está comprometida con el amor de su vida, Dimitri, pero algo sucederá, algo que se creía completamente imposible, algo que cambiará la vida de todos, tanto para dhampirs como para morois. Rose tendrá que enfrentarse a nuevos desafíos, antigüos y nuevos enemigos, y una realidad que nunca se esperó.
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