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St Vladimir's Academy
Welcome Moroi, Dhampir, or even Strigoi. Choose your race and your ties, will you make your own path? Will you be royal? Chosen guardian? Or those that kill for sport?
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St Vladimir's Academy: Fangs, Fists, and Drama
St. Vladimir's Academy is one of the few places in our world that houses Moroi and Dhampir children so they can go to school without worrying about mortals or Strigoi. That doesn't mean there's escape from typical drama or over the top teenagers, unfortunately... Maybe this year will be different? Yeah, right. Set Post Series.
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Vampire Academy Rp
Come and role play! It's set after Last Sacrifice with new and original characters. Active.
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Vampire Academy RP
This is a new forum where you can come and meet new people, claim your favorite character, create an OC and have fun! Open to everyone and is currently active!
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St Vladimir Academy RP
This is a group for those who like to rp the popular Vampire Academy series! I am a huge fan of the series, and would love to engage with other fans as well!
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Vampire Academy Role Play
Bases off three different area's The Courts. Vampire Academy. Siberia and if you want another area just PM me and i'll make it
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Blood Sisters and Blood Lines
Ok guys this RP, is a mix of Blood lines. And "Blood Sisters" which is actually vamp academy. Ask one of the mods before joining. :)
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