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The Vampire Diaries Roleplay
Play as your favourite characters from the Vampire Diaries books! This forum is only for the book series, not the TV show. Currently accepting new people! (ACTIVE 2018)
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Vampire Diaries RP
Enter the world of L.J. Smith's bestselling series, The Vampire Diaries, become a vampire, human, or a witch and help mold this world into something amazing.
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The Vampire Diaries
Come here and RP people from the series or RP an OC mostly have fun doing it.
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The Vampire Diaries Roleplay :
This is a forum where you can role play as any of your favourite Vampire Diaries characters. The more people the better. I'd love for you to join so PM me and come on in!
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The Salvatore Brothers!
Vote and discuss who is the best vampire between Damon and Stefan!
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Vampire Diaries Roleplay
Just a roleplay I created because I was bored...please join! Anyone can! But could you please keep it to the books? I haven't watched the show...
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XD Vampire Diaries RolePlay XD
Come on, and join. Remember HAVE FUN
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Vampire Diaries
Vampire Diaries enthusiasts look no further! Here is the home for those who are crazy for Vampire Diaries! Role-Play, Advertising, discussion, debates and more!
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Vampire Diaries Roleplay and Discussion!
This is a Roleplay and a discussion page for the Vampire Diaries. So join the forum!
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Virtual Casting and Fanfiction Requests
Who do you think looks like The Vampire Diaries characters? Do you have an idea for a fanfic, but don't want to write it yourself? Do you want to write a story, but don't have a topic?
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Book Bamon
Ok, so there are tons of spots for the show Bamon, so I thought: why not make one for the books? Please no bashing of the pairing and i'm looking at you over-obssesive Delena fans
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The new VD saga
Book discussions and fanfics revolving around Vampire Diaries; Nightfall, Shadow Soul and Midnight.
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Many Of Horror RP
Damon and Bonnie make love and then Damon dissapears for months after getting caught with another women but what happens when he comes back and everything has changed.T RP or M RP Elena,Stefan,Meridith,Caroline,Tyler, and others needed not just Bonnie and
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BAAAMOONN! No Delena allowed EVER !
Okay so just fav stories, moments and all that stuff . : NO DELENA !
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WHICH ONE WOULD OUT RATHER GO OUT WITH? where would you go? what would you do?
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What's your faveourite section overall?
discuss everyone's faveourite moments in the book and why.
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Random Vampire Diaries Discussion!
Just here to talk about Vampire Diaries. Books are prefered, but TV show will be allowed.
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Vampire Diaries Role Play
Come pick and character and play! Available characters are in bold. PM LittleMissInvisible for your desired character.
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Vampire Diaries Novel Oneshot Contest
Please voter for your favorite story for each category.
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Vampire Diaries: New Book
Talking about the Vampire Diaries Book, but also about all the other books
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Vampire Diaries books ffs seperate from show ffs
I'm tired of seeing Vampire Diaries Show ffs in the Books section. So please, if you're going to write for the show, put it under the show category.
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Looking for a Beta Reader!
I'm looking for a beta reader, and I have a few traits I would like for She/he to have. Please read if you are interested!
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Vampire Diaries
If you like it then you can join!
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Winter Wonderland
This forum is Extracts from my Delena scenes from Elena's Point of view. Hope you enjoy them.
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The Damon Story
I am writing a story that allows everyone to gain some insight on why Damon is the way he is so it you have some ideas post them here
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