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Want to be changed into a vampire? Don't know what to do? Come here! Vampire training and convertion completely free of charge. Wecannotbeheldliableforlossflimbs,internalorgans,orexcessiveammountsofblood
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Welcome to the Vampire Club RP
If you've ever read the series, there's a club called the coffin club and a secret club where real vampires drink blood and have a good time. this is basically like that.
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The Boys Of Vampire Kisses, Who Would You Pick?
Sexy Vampires? Or hot soccer players? We have it all here! So come and join in our disscussions about who is the hottest guy on Vampire Kisses' right here!
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Vampire Kisses
Vampire Kisses lovers and/or readers hang and have fun.
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The Vampire Club
For discussion on Vampire Kisses. Possibly roleplay...possibly
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Club Dark Angle
ALL VAMPIRES WELCOME humans as well 'not held responsiable for blood loss' ,Hang out and chat at Club Dark Angle!
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Looking for certain Vampire Kisses fic
I've been reading the Vampire Kisses series and really do like. What I'm trying to find is a fiction that is a RavenxAlexander pairing where the town slowly discovers that Alexander is a vampire. You know, something that say starts with Becky and escalate
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Vampire kisses roleplay join the club
a roleplay forum for everyone who likes to roleplay and loves vampire kisses. OCs are welcome and everyone can use cannons if you. enjoy and have fun
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