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Real Life Happenings
This is a place where you can list anything that might be seen as a vampire experience.
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Vampire Effects
¿a que grado han entrado estos seres a tu vida? ¿desde cuando? ¿como? comparte tu historia aquí ¿que esperas?
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Shadow of the Day
is a song by Linkin' Park, and although it isn't exactly my fav, it fits, in a compelling kinda way... at least that's what i was going for. click here to RP and,um... ya know other stuff... ROLEPLAYING!
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hiya ok this is a test run to see how these darn things work and so come and chill with me and some other ppl that like vampires just like you
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VampiresHouse of Night, Twilight, Vampire Academy,
Talk about the books and fan fiction that you would recommend to to everyone! Just join if you want to express your views about the book!
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The Ten: A Vampire RolePlay
Once upon a time, the world was ruled by vampires. That time... is now. Invite only.
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Eternal Damnation! Vampires Werewolves
All about Vampires and creatures of the night.
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Cresent Moon
The city is dark now, and the vampires come out to play... Join the eternal hunt for blood now!
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Love Or Death
Its about a girl who's family is murdered by a vampire. So she try's to find the murderer and when she does will she fall in love or will kill him. sorry its my first story so review and tell me what you think thnxz.
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Letters for Sarah
The Letters for Sarah forum is here for you and it gives me the author the oppertunity to see what you the reader think of the story and the characters in the story. So please be free to add your comments. Enjoy!
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Story: Blood, Guts, and Love
You can talk about the story here...even give me, as an author, some suggestions. Remember, though, that I am against adding any over-rated content in my stories, so advise accordingly please : You're also welcome to give me suggestions for new stories a
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Running With Vampires: The Forks Story
here's where you can talk about ze story. have fun
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Vampires, and random books based on them
This forum is where ppl tell each ova their Vampire books and gain publicity. :
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Vampire LoVers
Come join the bloodsuckers commune and share tails of the undead. All vampire stories welcome.
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Full moon arise
Read on :O and find out!
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I Have Found My Soul Mate
Alex is the Vampire King and he has been looking for his Soul Mate for 600 years. Mary is a 18 year old human girl trying to finsh High School. Well Alex and Mary ever meet? If they do meet what will happen? Read and you will fine out.
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The Originals
Vampires origin from the beginning. Lysandra and her family of Vampires, Werewolves and Hybrid. Read about there life, pains, and heartaches from each others eyes. This is my first fix, so pleases go easy on me.
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Create a Front cover for my book
I would like someone to create a front cover for my book who will get it their name on the front cover and also at the beginning of the book.
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Writing Contest
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The Vampire
I wrote a story about a vampire and welcome any feedback! Any tips welcome!
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Erica Werewood - The Original Prophecy 1
Let's discuss Erotic Vampire Love
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Suggested Reads
I am having so much trouble finding new book series that I really love. Come and help me find some new good ones and in return you will get some recommendations too!
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Sangre y Oro
Foro de Roleplay para fans de las crónicas vampíricas de Anne Rice. Lectores también son bienvenidos.
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New story from new interested author: Vampire mystery
Vampire based story. There is no lovey dovey business, currently mystery, and some mature material. I have many chapters written, but a few here to check any desire. Read a bit and find out if you'd like to hear more about Tina & Z. Please let me know if you do. Apparently whole bit needs the main part of the webpage in front putting fan fiction dot net [in front] /s/13580926/1/Zukail-Night-PI
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