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Go Viral
Become a Viral! RP and do tons of other fun stuff! PM me for more info, or if you want to join!
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Exposure and Terminal
If you're super-psyched for Terminal, this is your forum! Make predictions, talk about what you want to happen, or just talk about Exposure.
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This is for anyone who loves Virals and wants to discuss anything about them.
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Virals Discussion
So this is just a forum for anyone who's read Virals, Kathy Reichs, and wants to discuss it, speculate about the upcoming book, anything... it's the only Virals forum, so live with it! :P
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Virals: The RP
A virals RP, where you can claim a cannon, make an OC and have loads of fun! Enjoy!
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Exposure Discussions and Predictions
Talk about what you think will happen and what you want to happen in Exposure.
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Virals Exposure
For anyone who wants to discusse the awesomeness of Exposure.
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