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Go Viral
Become a Viral! RP and do tons of other fun stuff! PM me for more info, or if you want to join!
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This is for anyone who loves Virals and wants to discuss anything about them.
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Tory and Ben
I'm sure i'm not the only one that noticed but most of the Virals stories are Tory and Ben and there's not one Forum for them so here it is.
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Virals Discussion
So this is just a forum for anyone who's read Virals, Kathy Reichs, and wants to discuss it, speculate about the upcoming book, anything... it's the only Virals forum, so live with it! :P
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Virals: The RP
A virals RP, where you can claim a cannon, make an OC and have loads of fun! Enjoy!
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Exposure Discussions and Predictions
Talk about what you think will happen and what you want to happen in Exposure.
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Virals Exposure
For anyone who wants to discusse the awesomeness of Exposure.
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