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a forum
English - Topics: 280 - Posts: 637,336 - Since: 07-12-11 - Admin: Veni0Vidi0Vici
The Clan of Clouds
Deep in the land of mountains and clouds, a single forum exists, of which many call home. The cats that reside here seem to think quite highly of themselves, and they have quite the reason to. After all, they've managed to gather everything that makes a forum great into this giant home of theirs. They have it all: roleplays, art, chats, games, challenges, and more. However, they still aren't all that satisfied. These lovely felines are still missing something. You.
English - Topics: 213 - Posts: 305,440 - Since: 01-28-14 - Admin: Blizzardrunner
English - Topics: 165 - Posts: 278,078 - Since: 11-10-14 - Admin: Emerald Flashes
TacoClan RPG
August 2010 - March 2014. Remember us always. TC FOR LIFE!
English - Topics: 102 - Posts: 205,531 - Since: 08-25-10 - Admin: Shadesaurus
Hey, there. Have you heard of us? We're WillowClan. We have contests, writing challenges, games, and fun! You can talk to & make friends here in addition to getting concrit and help for your fics. What else do you want, our firstborn child? (No, don't answer that. It was a rhetorical question. Really.) But seriously, we do have it all! So come on in and hang out with the best. What else have you got to do this summer? ;)
English - Topics: 59 - Posts: 189,806 - Since: 12-18-11 - Admin: ponyiowa
Children of the Shadows
Nobody ever looks past the scary, pitch-black of night. Only the bravest venture past those barriers, and those who do are greeted with a bustling, busy place full of lovely people, games, and challenges. It is true, we lurk in the shadows. It is also true, that we rarely come out during the day. But all the horror stories you hear about the dark are not true. The dark is a private place. The dark is a comforting place. The dark is home to us, home to the Children of the Shadows.
English - Topics: 234 - Posts: 186,308 - Since: 07-08-15 - Admin: im sorry y'all
The sun is an ass and so are we
English - Topics: 47 - Posts: 141,240 - Since: 11-09-13 - Admin: Levaya Jade
Clans? What is a clan? No... we arent's clans. We are something diffrent. What are we, you ask? How do we work? What is our will to live? Well... I guess you'll have to find out for yourself, will you?
English - Topics: 29 - Posts: 137,215 - Since: 05-06-17 - Admin: Snowcrystal of Thunderclan
Ey, lookie there. We seem to be inactive. How sad. We had a good run, huh? We do have a successor of sorts, if you're interested. Just check out DandelionClan to see what we've been up to. Consider joining.**December 8th, 2013- May 16th, 2016**
Afrikaans - Topics: 129 - Posts: 127,281 - Since: 09-08-13 - Admin: Blazing Bright Streak of Light
If you're a rebel, then this is your place! We don't follow the crowd in the darkness of the world; we lead a rebellion for the light to shine through! We lead a rebellion to be great people one day in life! We are born to stick out!
English - Topics: 138 - Posts: 101,675 - Since: 06-26-12 - Admin: Bubblxgum Bitch
Good Warrior Names
Hello cats! This forum is for you people to tell me what you think are good warrior names and I'll leave a comment on HOW I like it, IF I like it, WHY I like it, and so on. I promise not to be harsh...No, really!
English - Topics: 873 - Posts: 81,551 - Since: 05-31-06 - Admin: Waterpelt
The most fun forum you will ever find, with the coolest games and hideouts you will ever explore and the most imaginative, creative, welcoming minds you will ever meet. Take it from us; you'll love it here.
English - Topics: 125 - Posts: 80,067 - Since: 12-04-12 - Admin: The Last Moongazer
Order of the Furries
Providing CC to young furries everywhere. And also annoying Blizz. Help by spamming all forums above Clan of the Clouds. Good day.
English - Topics: 49 - Posts: 63,384 - Since: 12-20-10 - Admin: Sextuple Covalent Mo2 Bond
Children of Scourge
*EDIT* This forum has been very inactive due to school and other carious things but It won't stay this way *end edit* What would happen if Scourge found a mate and she had his kits? Well this is the story of those kits, Pantherkit and Shadekit. Join Pantherkit and Shadekit as they become apprentices and train to be warriors. Will they stay in Seaclan and prove they are not like their father, or join Bloodclan as it tries to rebuild itself and its reputation?
English - Topics: 28 - Posts: 59,635 - Since: 09-26-12 - Admin: Flare-TheBurningFlame
A friendly multi-fandom forum where quotes are thrown, questions are asked, and we all scramble to turn in our last minute writing contest entries. Welcome to FroggyClan.
English - Topics: 66 - Posts: 52,546 - Since: 09-19-12 - Admin: starlightwalking
Follow the bunny down the rabbit hole and you'll find yourself in BunnyClan, the clan that lives underground in a unused rabbit tunnel! We'll welcome you with open arms as a new bunnyling. We have tons of fun games, Roleplays, and challenges if you're eager to rank up! If one or all of this things sounds appealing to you, I think you may be the newest member of Bunnyclan! So what are you waiting for? Join BunnyClan now!
English - Topics: 185 - Posts: 46,448 - Since: 11-12-15 - Admin: xxfalling.failingxx
Slightly less dead than last year, but loving the idea of death more and more every day.
English - Topics: 99 - Posts: 45,053 - Since: 03-30-13 - Admin: Graymist the Great
Dawn Of A New Beginning
Whatever happened after The Last Hope? Did Cinderheart have kits? Whatever happened to those who disappeared 'forever' ? What about the Dark Forest? They infected so many already! And Rushingpaw's kits? Rushingpaw herself? What about Chasingpaw and Snakepaw, the two MCAs? Are they really breaking three rules? So many questions! Join to find out all of them! We also have chats and randomness!
English - Topics: 48 - Posts: 42,260 - Since: 09-01-12 - Admin: flamzystilllovesyou
— Remember us always - MuffinClan for life. —
English - Topics: 125 - Posts: 38,993 - Since: 04-02-14 - Admin: GimmeSomeMuffins
Warriors RPG
A Warriors Role Play. You be a kit, an elder, or anything in between.
English - Topics: 20 - Posts: 29,517 - Since: 08-24-09 - Admin: xxouchibitmytonguexx
LightClan is the brightest Clan, full of fun, adventure, roleplay, challenges, warrior ceremonies, and most importantly... LIGHT! And cookies. We'd love to have you join us! Come along, and check out the Book of Light. All welcome, especially those who are awesome.
English - Topics: 79 - Posts: 28,108 - Since: 07-03-13 - Admin: Lady Morning
A hovering kitten will bring you here, and urge you to click that link, plunging you into a scary world of sparkles and glitter. Eventually you'll get used to the glare and sparkly-ness. But the main point: We have the spheres of happiness called potatoes.*gives potatoes* If that didn't work, maybe these marshmallows will bring you over to this rainbow of joy called WingClan? Or these warm brownies? Or this hot cocoa? Just join. We procure random food stuffs from nothing so its going to be worth it.
English - Topics: 95 - Posts: 24,292 - Since: 10-14-14 - Admin: severys
Rest In Peace EbonyClan. Forum no longer active. All topics locked but one. New EbonyClan (run by Moon and Rose) link to be posted in Announcements thread. Different forum, same members. ...if you'd like, come leave a message in our only open thread.
English - Topics: 58 - Posts: 22,643 - Since: 08-05-14 - Admin: trickle-of-thoughts
Warriors Roleplaying Forum!
Come to RP as your own unique cats in the forest territories as a member of ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan, and ShadowClan! Or join one of the new Clans in the lake territories as a member of LeafClan, ShadeClan, StormClan, and NightClan! All newcomers are welcome!
English - Topics: 26 - Posts: 22,202 - Since: 04-09-14 - Admin: Sunset Songbird
Warriors Challenge Forum
From challenges, to contests, to weekly games; we have it all! Need someone to help with writers block? Want some inspiration for a new story? Can't fidn that one pairing anywhere? I think we can help.
English - Topics: 263 - Posts: 20,777 - Since: 03-14-12 - Admin: Misgiving Writer
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