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WOT Favourites
Well, any favourites you all have. From Heroes to the Forsaken to Ajah.
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Wheel of Time Pet Pairings
You all have them those ultra wierd pairings that are just perfect. Do you ship MatBirgitte or FaileBerelain? Or maybe you spend all your time searching for a RandTuon fanfic. This is the place for you.
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Authors of the Wheel Of Time
A general forum for Authors of The Wheel Of Time fanfics. Questions answers, answers questioned.
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Wheel of Time Crossovers
Know of any good WOT crossovers? I haven't seen that many so if you know of one this the place to report it.
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WoT film
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Over the Winds of Change
Can't believe we don't have a good RP topic under the Wheel of Time. Set after the cycle in the books. The dark one may be gone, but his influence still stands. It's up to the world as a whole to try to set things right again.
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Robert Jordan's Passing
On September 16th, 2007, our beloved Robert Jordan had passed away. Come here to remember and grieve over this great author who is here no longer.
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Wheel of Time OC display
Display your OCs for Wheel of Time!
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What do you think will happen in the final book?
The final book is due to be released sometime next year...but what will happen? Discuss here.
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Rand'om Forum!
Challenges, and story suggestions! Help poor MatOdin continue his implausible stories! Just decide stuff! Advertise your stories! WHATEVER YOU FEEL LIKE DOING!
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