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Jade Mountain - Wings of Fire
I SEE YOU, YES YOU READInG THIS. Welcome to the slightly educational/fun part of the internet! It is an academy after all….. But here there is so much more! Challenges, friends, deat… Well, you get the idea! So if you don't want to miss out on something that may change your life forever, click here (you'd better click it….) and join up! And if you don't feel like joining, well just remember that empty part of your soul that will remain empty forever because you didn't join…...
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For Shadow, You Need Light
A new evil has arisen, but balance has brought us new heroes. A new prophesy, a new war, and a new power, 2,000 years since the great sandwing war of succession. Rp, challenges, chat, this forum has it all. Inactive
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Fanwings of the World
Re-made. Join us for Roleplay, games, and chats! You must be accepted before applying yourself in chats, games, rps, etc.
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Dragons Of Pyrrhia
Hello! Welcome to my wings of fire roleplaying forum, Dragons Of Pyrria! If you have been scrolling through the lists of forums trying to find the right one for you, then give this one a try. Here you can create and RP as your own wings of fire dragons! It's basically the same place as in the books with the same dragon species, but you make new characters to role play with! Hope you enjoy!
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Scales RPG
Peace has come to Pyrrhia for now, but all good things must come to an end. A secret is being kept within the walls of Jade Mountain Academy. The time under reign of the founders has been passed on to the next generation of dragons. A new prophecy has arisen, promising of heartbreaks, betrayals, cold-blooded murders, and corruption of once-loyal dragons. Try to unravel the mysteries of these dragonets never suspected before, woven tighter than of a spider's web, and impossible to pull loose when committed.
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Wings of Fire- Tribes United
Previously 'A New Threat- Wings of Fire', this completely different forum is ready to welcome many more people into it's midst! We have many fun and mostly original games, friendly returning members who are more than happy to help, chat sections and a Role-play in the planning phase. How could you not resist this amazing forum? Come and check us out and you might just find something you like, and if you don't you can suggest improvements to make our forum just the way you imagined it. Come and check us out!
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Pyrrhia's People
Come on and join this little forum in the dusty corner of FanFiction. Y'all are invited to roleplay, chat, play games, and make new friends. So what are you waiting for? C'mon in! (yes this forum is actually active)
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Fangs of Artemisin
Millions of years after the dragonets comes a new continent named Artemisin with a whole new set of tribes with a new academy, a peace movement, a prophecy, and a war. Join us for roleplaying, chatting, games, and much more! We are always accepting new members with open wings!
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Wings of Fire: After the War
Oh, hello there. Are you a Wings of Fire fan? Great, because you've come to the right place! Come to chat to rave about the books, create challenges to show how you would write the book, and come to roleplay to input your OCs and become part of Phyrria; five hundred years after the war. Come join, come join!
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The CaveWings are a secret tribe living in the mass of caves that snakes under Pyrrhia. Their scales range from dark gray to light brown. They have purple, blue, green, pink, yellow, orange, or red crystal spikes on their tails, backs, and horns. Their eyes are one of the colors listed above, but their eye color can't be the same as their spike color. The only exception is Animus CaveWings, which have the same eye and spike colors. They eat bats, foxes, and raccoons. Join the ranks of the CaveWings today!
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Wings of fire
this forum is about...DRAGONS plz join
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Wings of Light - Jade Mountain Academy
Years have passed since the Dragonet Prophecy and the Jade Mountain Prophecy, and the dragonets of a new and secret prophecy have taken refuge at Jade Mountain and have become the new winglet: the Amber Winglet. (A new story will be written with the same title, Wings of Light. The summary may be changed in the future)
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Rise of the Dragonets
It's a new term at Jade Mountain Academy. Who will you be? Will you be a student? Or will you be a teacher? RP as your OC to find out! We have roleplay, spam, and challenges! Yay! JOIN THE DARK SIDE! WE HAVE NIGHTWINGS!
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Wings of Fire Corner!
Something small I'm starting, hence the "corner" in the name! Feel free to join! Anyone can create a new topic, unless I disable that! There is all sorts of stuff in here, like Wings of Fire discussion, chats, you guys can start RPs. And other random stuff. Swearing is allowed, but try to keep it minimal.
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The dragonets
We, the authors of Wings of Fire fanfics, want to share ideas! So, I made this forum for that purpose.
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Darkness-Wings of Fire
Before Darkstalker was defeated, before the dragonets of destiny saved the world, even before the Scorching, there was darkness. Every dragon was some kind of animus, each having control over his or her own elements. MudWings came from the dragons of earth, SkyWings came from the dragons of the air, SeaWings came from the dragons of the water, and NightWings came from the dragons of fire. Beware, for in this time, no dragon can be trusted.
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Ask Pyrrhia: The Forum!
Ever wanted to ask your favorite dragon (or scavenger, I guess) a ridiculous (or legitimate) question? Well now you can! Or you can play as one or more of your favorite dragons and answer other people's questions! (so many exclamation points!)
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Fanwings Non-Conformist Society
Want to do something against FFnet's strict content guidelines? Are FFN's numerous critics groups such as Critics United getting you down? Well, you've come to the right place! Host Asks, write second-person stories, (almost) whatever you want! Or you could just post normal things. Your choice.
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Darkstalker has taken over Phyrria for the last 2000 years. Now 2 dragons from each tribe are ready to stop him once and for all.
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Just kidding, being dramatic. but have you ever wanted to enter Jade? Now you can! You can create a character, enter different quests, play as a dragon or human, and do truth or dare! If you don't join this, YOU WILL FEEL THE EMPTY PART OF YOUR SOUL NEVER FUFILLED... anyways, have a good day! :) warning: this forum is created by a slightly demented person who is insane and farts unicorns all the time
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Hybrid academy
This forum is based on my story of the same name. It's the same thing but a rp now. There will be other things once more people join.
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Society of The Secret Wings
Are you bored? Are you a WoF fan? The come here, the ultimate place to be with the dragons of Pyrrhia! Create your own dragon, compete in contests against each other, and MORE! P.S: this is my first forum, so please support me.
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A New Army
An RP about a rebellion against the newly united Pryhhia's king. Occurs a long, long time after the war, and as I just said, Pyrrhia has united under the reign of a tyrannical king. All Wings of Fire fans welcome, keep it appropriate, this is not a dating forum.
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Wings of poison
This is mainly a rpg forum but there is more. You can be a Rainwing prisoner at the nightwing volcano,a nightwing scientist,or a nightwing guard. Enjoy. read the rules.
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Wings of Fire Roleplay, Chatting and welcome to all
Are you interested in interacting as your character? Do you want to get ideas and have the support you need to accomplish your writing? Well, look no further; because in this forum, there is only family.
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