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Jade Mountain - Wings of Fire
Jade Mountain: a roleplaying forum where half the roleplayers are insane or absent for long periods of time. Jade Mountain's signature roleplay is in full force! At least it will be before one of the mods screws it up. Including the one who wrote this.
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For Shadow, You Need Light
A new evil has arisen, but balance has brought us new heroes. A new prophesy, a new war, and a new power, 2,000 years since the great sandwing war of succession. Rp, challenges, chat, this forum has it all. Closed and Locked. I now own a forum called Beyond Imagination. Please, join me there for a new start!
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Dragons Of Pyrrhia
Hello! Welcome to my wings of fire roleplaying forum, Dragons Of Pyrria! If you have been scrolling through the lists of forums trying to find the right one for you, then give this one a try. Here you can create and RP as your own wings of fire dragons! It's basically the same place as in the books with the same dragon species, but you make new characters to role play with! Hope you enjoy!
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Moons Descending
hi? \uwu/ come and join our fantabulous wof forum that is super active! we have games, multiple roleplays, crazy chats and just fun times with fun people. okay. enough nice stuff. FOURTH LARGEST WOF FORUM like mannnn ;-; *whisper* come to the dark side
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Jade Mountain Academy but different?
It's just like normal Jade mountain except...now there are leafwings and silkwings? Here at JMA you create your own dragon! Roleplay as students, Teachers and even the principal! We now have a hatchling daycare! Now you can RP as BABY dragons! So cute! We have games and challenges! Everyone welcome!(DEAD FORUM))))
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Fanily of FanWings
Leave your drama behind you, this place is for loyal and good people. Come on in and don't cause trouble or you'll be banned immediately. Welcome!
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Scales RPG
Peace has come to Pyrrhia for now, but all good things must come to an end. A secret is being kept within the walls of Jade Mountain Academy. The time under reign of the founders has been passed on to the next generation of dragons. A new prophecy has arisen, promising of heartbreaks, betrayals, cold-blooded murders, and corruption of once-loyal dragons. Try to unravel the mysteries of these dragonets never suspected before, woven tighter than of a spider's web, and impossible to pull loose when committed.
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Three Moons
Hi! Welcome to Three Moons, where we love to chat, roleplay, and hang out.
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SandIce Academy
Come to a school for SandWings, IceWings, and SeaWings! This is the same school as the one in my story, WoF Legends: Blister, Blaze and Burn! If you want, your character might be put in the story! Rp and have fun!
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Wings of Fire- Tribes United
Previously 'A New Threat- Wings of Fire', this completely different forum is ready to welcome many more people into it's midst! We have many fun and mostly original games, friendly returning members who are more than happy to help, chat sections and a Role-play in the planning phase. How could you not resist this amazing forum? Come and check us out and you might just find something you like, and if you don't you can suggest improvements to make our forum just the way you imagined it. Come and check us out!
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Pyrrhia's People
Come on and join this little forum in the dusty corner of FanFiction. Y'all are invited to roleplay, chat, play games, and make new friends. So what are you waiting for? C'mon in! (yes this forum is actually active)
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Fangs of Artemisin
Millions of years after the dragonets comes a new continent named Artemisin with a whole new set of tribes with a new academy, a peace movement, a prophecy, and a war. Join us for roleplaying, chatting, games, and much more! We are always accepting new members with open wings!
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Fanwings everywhere!
To be honest, this is kind of just another one of your average WoF forums. But hey, what's so wrong with that?
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Jade Mountain 2 Secret Version
shhh no go away we don't want you here it's secret
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Jade Mountain Academy: A Wings of Fire Roleplay
Jade Mountain Academy is a school for dragonets of all the Pyrrhian tribes. Everyone is welcome here. So join this roleplay, to make your own dragon and new friends. I wish you all the power of Wings of Fire!
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hey! my names starsight nice to meet you. this forum is just like every other one . here you can chat role play and in general have fun and make friends.
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Wings of Fire: After the War
Oh, hello there. Are you a Wings of Fire fan? Great, because you've come to the right place! Come to chat to rave about the books, create challenges to show how you would write the book, and come to roleplay to input your OCs and become part of Phyrria; five hundred years after the war. Come join, come join!
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The CaveWings are a secret tribe living in the mass of caves that snakes under Pyrrhia. Their scales range from dark gray to light brown. They have purple, blue, green, pink, yellow, orange, or red crystal spikes on their tails, backs, and horns. Their eyes are one of the colors listed above, but their eye color can't be the same as their spike color. The only exception is Animus CaveWings, which have the same eye and spike colors. They eat bats, foxes, and raccoons. Join the ranks of the CaveWings today!
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FanWings of Fire
This is like virtually every other Wings of Fire forum, but I will try my best to make it as good as possible. Join us for contests, rp's, just to chat and hangout, and any questions you have. Connect with other Fanwings, and have fun! Anyone is welcome!
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Wings of fire
this forum is about...DRAGONS plz join
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An Alternate Augury
We know Wings of Fire for what it is. Come and share what you wanted to see.
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A Different Era
Set shortly before the war.
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Rise of the Dragonets
It's a new term at Jade Mountain Academy. Who will you be? Will you be a student? Or will you be a teacher? RP as your OC to find out! We have roleplay, spam, and challenges! Yay! JOIN THE DARK SIDE! WE HAVE NIGHTWINGS!
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Distant Lands - WoF
This is an amazing (not really) forum that you can RP on! It will one day grow to be big (emphasis on one day). FanWings are allowed (to some extent) and it will be fun when it gets a life. Have fun children!
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Fire mountain Wings Of Fire
Fire mountain is a new area in the Wings Of Fire world, and it's home to MudWings, SandWings, SkyWings, SeaWings, RainWings, IceWings, and NightWings. Roleplay with others and live an awesome life on Fire Mountain. Artwork by Anjali Blewett.
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