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Wings of fire RP
Do you want to be a dragon? Well, NOW U CAN! Join, you can make Hybrids OR your own breed!
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Distant Lands - WoF
This is an amazing (not really) forum that you can RP on! It will one day grow to be big (emphasis on one day). FanWings are allowed (to some extent) and it will be fun when it gets a life. Have fun children!
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Fire mountain Wings Of Fire
Fire mountain is a new area in the Wings Of Fire world, and it's home to MudWings, SandWings, SkyWings, SeaWings, RainWings, IceWings, and NightWings. Roleplay with others and live an awesome life on Fire Mountain. Artwork by Anjali Blewett.
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The dragonets
We, the authors of Wings of Fire fanfics, want to share ideas! So, I made this forum for that purpose.
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Jade Mountain Academy- Writing Forum
Hey fellow dragons! I am Zin, the current headmistress of Jade Mountain Academy. As the Dragonets of Destiny have retired, we have started a new era of the Academy! As a brand new start, we have increased enrollment spaces, for both Pyrrhia and Pantala dragons. Come meet new dragons, socialize and just have fun!
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Jade Mountain Academy!
I like Jade Mountain Academy (which I'll refer to as JMA) and I like roleplaying. Bada-bing bada-boom, JMA RP Forum! Hooray! This is for anyone who loves roleplaying and WOF (and just being weird)! You can use old characters, but this takes place years after Arc 2 and I'm hoping for some new faces!
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Ask Pyrrhia: The Forum!
Ever wanted to ask your favorite dragon (or scavenger, I guess) a ridiculous (or legitimate) question? Well now you can! Or you can play as one or more of your favorite dragons and answer other people's questions! (so many exclamation points!)
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Fanwings Elite
Yet another Fanwings Forum, but I plan on running it differently. Here, we will be more Roleplay based, with any and all chat limited to any delegated Topics. Remember to play safe, don't be a Mary-Sue, and have fun!
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Wings of Fire
Time to have fun with Wings of fire!
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Darkstalker has taken over Phyrria for the last 2000 years. Now 2 dragons from each tribe are ready to stop him once and for all.
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Wings of Fire! Where we Talk about stuff and vote!
Welcome ya peoples, to the forum where we talk about random stuff and roleplay! Come and join us!
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Jade Mountain Academy
Hello and welcome! This is a new forum in need of growth. I've noticed that most WOF forums are just roleplay while warriors forums have contests and challenges. My goal is to create a forum with Challenges, Games and Roleplay to help the WOF Community grow! So come join the forum, you don't have to be active, every contribution helps!
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Just kidding, being dramatic. but have you ever wanted to enter Jade? Now you can! You can create a character, enter different quests, play as a dragon or human, and do truth or dare! If you don't join this, YOU WILL FEEL THE EMPTY PART OF YOUR SOUL NEVER FUFILLED... anyways, have a good day! :) warning: this forum is created by a slightly demented person who is insane and farts unicorns all the time
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Hybrid academy
This forum is based on my story of the same name. It's the same thing but a rp now. There will be other things once more people join.
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fuck off
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Wings of Fire forum of awesomeness
This forum is for all Wings of Fire fans.
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Society of The Secret Wings
Are you bored? Are you a WoF fan? The come here, the ultimate place to be with the dragons of Pyrrhia! Create your own dragon, compete in contests against each other, and MORE! P.S: this is my first forum, so please support me.
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Wings of poison
This is mainly a rpg forum but there is more. You can be a Rainwing prisoner at the nightwing volcano,a nightwing scientist,or a nightwing guard. Enjoy. read the rules.
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A land of dragons
Enter the world of dragons. Your destiny begins. Rules- have fun, no cussing, and no inappropriate things
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A New Army
An RP about a rebellion against the newly united Pryhhia's king. Occurs a long, long time after the war, and as I just said, Pyrrhia has united under the reign of a tyrannical king. All Wings of Fire fans welcome, keep it appropriate, this is not a dating forum.
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Wings of Fire Roleplay, Chatting and welcome to all
Are you interested in interacting as your character? Do you want to get ideas and have the support you need to accomplish your writing? Well, look no further; because in this forum, there is only family.
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The New Tribes
Ever wanted to be normal? Fit in society just like that? Have a family, die, be born? Join the wondrous circle of Life? Well, here, is everything like that. You could fight a war or two at most. Face betrayal and heartbreak. Love the process f fitting in and being simple. Welcome!
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Dragon Academy
The dragons of of WOF unite for a NEW prophecy!
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Wings of Fire RPG
My Wings of Fire Forum! For all those WOF lovers out there, come on and Join us! We allow dragon species creation, cross-breeds, and even have a FAQ! So come on, have some fun in Pyrrhia!
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