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FΛƬΣ αη яρ
Fate is a tricky thing, especially when said fate was fabricated the entire time.
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FanWings- Lightningwings, Ivywings, Sirenwings, and more to come
There's like a million of these but you know... it's always fun to make your own species. Anyway, this forum will literally have some odd rules and so on, a bit of insanity, and hopefully awesome dragons like you, so let's go on in?
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Wings of Fire: Revision The War
Here you can make rps, create characters, and chat about the series! Express your amazing fantribes, make WoF generators, challenges, and so much more! Just have fun, and I'll make sure I treat you fairly! This is way more fanon than canon, so just be aware of that, especially with the roleplays
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Male Voice Actors Needed (And Female)
We neeed voice actors for a fan made animation of the first part of The Dragonet Prophecy. Mainly Clay, Starflight, Webs, Dune, Scarlet, Kestrel and Morrowseer. Send all auditions to
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WoF RolePlay
Read the title.
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This is where i ask or you can ask me questions
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Wings of Fire writing ideas
Need ideas for a book? No idea what to write about? Buy access to this forum today! JK lel. Discuss Wings of Fire writing ideas and what goes on in the books.
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General Discussion
This is just a place where people can talk about Wings of Fire. Have fun! (I also aim at debunking Wings of Fire misconceptions.)
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The Ultimate WoF role play!
Do you want to live as a SeaWing, or maybe a MudWing? Well you can right now, at the new academy for dragons!
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Alternate Histories of Wings of Fire
Didn't like a scene or think a scene would have impacted canon differently? This is the forum for you! We discuss, analyze canon and then come up with fanfic ideas based off that. Remember not to flame and to always have fun.
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Blue-ish Wings of Fire
So I decided to make a forum for wings of fire. I’m thinking that members could discuss the books, fanfiction, and RP with one another. Either way, welcome!
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Fanwings of the World
Re-made. Join us for Roleplay, games, and chats! You must be accepted before applying yourself in chats, games, rps, etc.
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Fatespeaker's Forum
This forum is for Fatespeaker. Only Fatespeaker. There will be no drama because there's only Fatespeaker.
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The Lazulite Dragon
This forum is for my story The Lazulite Dragon (/s/12774969/1/The-Lazulite-Dragon). Please only post things here that is related to it.
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Ask Phyrria!
Yep . Ask any character you want . A dead one or a living one . Come
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Wof bros
Rp/Polplay Wings Of Fire
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The Great Prophcey: book 1: Night Whispers
MoonWhisper has lived in a underground cave, cared by two nasty guardians, SoulTaker, and ScarredEyes. She has been prophesied to save the seven dragon tribes from a Demon dragon named Shadow Heart, an animus with more power and even darker ententions than Scarlet, Burn, Blister, Blaze and Darkstalker put together. when she escapes the wrath of her "mother and father" she is caught bye the new era of NightWings. Follow her path as she meets some unlikely dragons and learns about her new powers.
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A Night to Remember
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Wings of fire scales and blade
A war between six dragon tribes on a long lost continent for years of war a dragon is born with the power to end it all will he finally stop the fighting or will more dragons fall into slavery and torture?
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Adamant Update Forum
Adamant Update Forum
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Last Stand
Darkstalker has returned and it seems that he has changed for the better. But Qibli is not so sure. When he realizes what Darkstalker’s real intentions are he decides to stop him, but the evil dragon is smarter than he thinks and turns Qibli's friends against him. In exile, he finds unexpected friends in a group of dragons. Together they must make a final stand against Darkstalker.
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Storm Season Discussion
A place to discuss Storm Season
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Jade Mountain Academy Roleplay
Welcome to Jade Mountain Academy! I am your headmistress, Stardust of the NightWings! Here, you can participate in classes, learn new things about Pyrrhia and its tribes, and meet new friends! (Does not include Pantala or its dragons) (Takes place years after the Prophecy Dragonets Era)
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Wof for artists or people who want art
Want to share your art? Come here! Want some art? Also come here!
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Hi guys, its me honeyhomb the hivewing. I am really sorry but I failed, I only wrote one book (Midnights shadow) and its not even good! That is why I am telling you that I have failed and I will never be a fan fiction author
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