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Simurgh's Son
Review responses and discussion of the Simurgh's Son, a Worm/Harry Potter crossover.
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Parahuman Power Ideas
Exactly what it says on the tin. Come here to discuss possible power ideas, parahuman abilities, trigger events and more. In-depth if possible, please do not just post one-liners.
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To Be Triggered
Worm Rp
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UndertaleWorm crossovers
This is where we discuss crossovers for Undertale/Worm. Please do not s***post.
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Alt powers for characters besides Taylor
A general discussion of possible alt powers and names for characters besides Taylor.
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Fun with Worms
Basically, a forum dedicated to stories in FF about Worm that are great. Personally prefer if we try to find good SI's, OCs, or villainous MCs in Worm because there aren't enough of them. Keep it nontoxic everyone.
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Worm Crossover Ideas
Just on the tin. This Forum is for throwing out and discussing General and Specific Crossover ideas featuring Winbow's amazing work and world.
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