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Awesome Adventure Time RP!
It's always Adventure Time in this rp! RP in the land of Ooo, Aaa or Crossover! OCs and Canon characters are both allowed! Must have experience with RPing. *Rated T-M* NOW ACCEPTING OCs!
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Adventure Book Forum: The Recreation
Hey guys! So we continue from where we left off. :) New members who wants to join (and those who still didn't receive a code) please PM me!
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The Lich King's Era: Adventure Time RP
After a great deal of tension that has built up in the Candy Kingdom... The walls have fallen and have been taken over by the powerful Lich King. He has shown no remorse or pity on any one town, village, people, or even children. After several years of fighting the great heroes Finn and Jake have been defeated and been left severely injured by him. Here's a chance to take back what they've fought so hard to keep! ******FORUM CLOSED*******
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Planning for the future of two stories
Do I really have to do this? GAHHHHHH!
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Adventure Time RP!
R.I.P Adventure Time forum... we had a good run. :'( 2015 - 2015
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Adventure Time Roleplay
A place to roleplay this fun cartoonetwork show.
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Oh My Glob this RP is Totally Rhombus!
Just a random place where you can RP as your favorite AT character, or even have an OC. I know a lot or AT RP goes on on this site, but hey, why not? Any character can be played- from Ooo of Aaa.
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Adventure Time: The New Kiddies of the Land
A RP forum of, you guessed it, Adventure Time! This is open to all fans, hardcore or not, everyone's welcome to join in the craziness! Root beer anyone?
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Adventure Time RPG Forum
Join the forum, you will not regret it!
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Adventure Time Role Play
A place to roleplay and continuation of Becky and Clad's Roleplay Forum
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Forced to Become a Fanclub Fanclub!
So, hi. I'm ee10000, but I have an OC in the story stated in the title. This is for the OC owners and fans of the fanfic to talk. Not just about Forced to Become a Fanclub, but random shit too! So come on in, the waters warm! Oops...
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Since Just about every Adventure time forum on this site is dead, i've decided to make my own for all you fellow adventurers. Make a OC or Take a cannon and have fun in Aaa or Ooo. Rated T-M
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New RP whateva huehuehue
This is my RP, there are many like it but this one is mine.
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Adventure Time RP
Make your own characters, talk about Adventure Time, and, well, ROLEPLAY! HAVE FUN!
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what time is it
RP time!
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Bubblegum or Marcelyn
Me and my bro watch adventure time. So for the past week we've been diputing whether finn should be with princess bubblegum or marcelyn the vampire queen. Marcelyn being my favorite I chose her, besides she soo much cooler. So I was wondering your thought
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Susan Strong? Finns Mom!
Do u think she is? or not?
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Adventure Time Pairings
Can be m/m, f/f, m/f, whatever you like! 8D
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What time is it? ADVENTURE TIME!
Okay, OC's only, unless you want to book a canon character to use on the side. Anyone can join, as long as I approve of their awesomeness, and they obey the rules ;)
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What is your favorite character?
Who's your favorite character on adventure time? Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum,LSP... tell the world your favorite.
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What time is it? OC TIME!
Hello peeps! Welcome to my forum! This is where you can make your Oc's and have a good time with other roleplayers! Now join before the penguins riot again...
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The Adventure Time Forum of Epic Awesomness
Love Adventure Time?Are you the most epic person out of all your friends?Then this forum is for you! Join as an OC or a canon and have fun with new friends!
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Ryochix's Adventure Time RP!
Welcome to the Adventure Time RP! Where you can create a character or RP as one of the canon characters, and have adventures throughout the Land Of Ooo and Aaa.
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Aperture Time
This forum is an Adventure Time/Portal cross-over forum. you are allowed to design your own character(s) but PLEASE follow by the rules.
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