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American Dragon: Yggdrasil
Ignore the name. I was in a Digimon mood when posting this
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American dragon rp
The dark dragon and huntsclan are gone, the magical world is safe and Jake gets his girl. All are good or so he thinks. As more dragons and magical creatures show up and new trouble arises along with a new huntsclan not everything is as it seems.
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American Dragon Role play!
Exactly what the title says. Make a dragon and fire up this Forum!
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American dragon:Jake Long RPG
Anybody and everybody welcome.
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American Dragon: Jake Long RPG
Jake is having a bad time keeping NY clean of Magical Creatures and needs you help, Create an OC and Begin your time as a magical protector along side Jake, Haley and Lao Shi Long.
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California Dragon Forum Center
Post American Dragon: Jake Long stuff here!Remember to not break any rules! Have fun! NO SPAM PLEASE! I also post news on my stories here!
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Everything is not what it seems
Here you can RP your favorite cannons (Jake is taken, all others are free.) and you can make up to total 10 OCs (5 good, 5 bad.). Inspired from the song "Everything is not what it seems" by Selena Gomez.
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Ye Old Roleplay
It is the 14th Century, and the magical world is still at war with the forces of eeeeeeeevil! Create an OC, and go on a medieval adventure against the Dark Dragon and the Huntsclan, along with the ancestors of the Characters we already know. Warning: your OC will be judged based on creativity, but otherwise, have fun!
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Rebirth of the Dragon
Want a topic to roleplay? Maybe discussion your favorite pairings and episodes. Well us folks here are dedicated to bringing life to the American Dragon Forums. Crossovers are welcomed.
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American Dragon: Jake Long Challenge Forum
A Forum where you can challenge your fellow writers or accept one to participant in.
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stuff anyone wants to talk about
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Dude, It's you!
Talk about ADJL fanfics... or something.
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ADJL: Questions
Post any questions you have about the show. I can probably answer them.
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Jake Long
Obvious, right? You can discuss anything relating to Jake Long here.
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Hello all.Here you can post whatever American Dragonrelated updates you have.Although keep in mind if I see anything I find unsuitable um,doesn't adhere to the rules and will be dismissed.Forum Admin. Miranda
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American Dragon Jake long
Talk about anything ADJL here!
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Weed Smokers Association
Come all, Weed smoking is not mandatory, talk about anything, Drug yourself up on anything P.S This forum does not advocate the act of taking drugs
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Roses Ashes
Rose ran away from Jake when she found out his secret. Something tells me we'll see more of her. What do you think will happen? If Jake's already found her, let me know so I can delete this forum
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Season 2
Disscuss anything about season 2, and share info!
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Jake and Trixie
I Think this couple is one of my favorite
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Live action ADJL movie, who plays who
If ADJL were made into a live action movie, who would play the roles?
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Beta Readers
If you need or want a beta reader for your ADJL fan fiction this is the place for you!
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Dragon RP
RP as a gardian dragon or as a Magical creature helpful or otherwise. I'm currently accepting requests for main character parts.
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Help, please For 'The meeting of three great heroe
Need a little help from anyone who has read 'The meeting of three great heroes' or anyone who is intereted in Danny Phantom, Ben10, Teen Titan, and American Dragon:Jake Long crossovers.
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Jake andRose Central talk About anything JakeXRose
If you start to think about Jake and rose's Relationship then many thoughts come to mind this form is so that you can say what you have one your mind about there relationship and others whit those same thoughts can fill in the blanks
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