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Sophomore Sorrows and More
This is the place where fans can discuss Sophomore Sorrows. I also plan on doing a commentary type thing in the future. Note: This is currently a work in progress, so bear with me.
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My Arthurverse
Feel free to talk about and ask about my Arthur fanfics. OCs, pairings and so forth can be discussed in this forum.
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The Sugar Bowl
"Arthur" topics relating to the show, its episodes, characters and books.
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Arthur Goes Fourth and Arthur Goes Fifth
A forum for questions and comments about the Arthur Goes Fourth and Arthur Goes Fifth series.
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A Strange Adventure Series
They might not be serious and mind blowing like ARTHUR Goes Fifth but what ASA does have is random comedy! A whole forum about my series strange series that PBS wouldn't even think of trying, but I did anyway! Come on in if you love randomness!
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An Arthur Forum
Check here for different Arthur related disscussions. Also included are disscussions about my story: The New Kid, Greg and Sarah, and soon to be: The Other Classes and any ideas other people might have to continue it.
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Family Friendly Forum for Arthur Watchers
A forum where you can talk about the 1996 through present TV series in a safe environment. Content in posts must be as clean as the TV series.
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Lets here it for the girls
It appears that most cartoons aimed ast an audience that ranges from 9yrs up, tend to be male focused. The main characters seem to always be a male protagonist with a handul of female antagonists and a cool male best friend. Arthur is one of those shows . Start s discussion on the females in Arthur. The nice girls are minor characters while the two main girls like Francine and DW are odten loyd and rude. Its not fair
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Where Did Everybody Go?
I'm a semi-part-time user of , and my favorite place to go is to the Arthur fanfic section. There have been some really good fanfics that haven't been completed at all. What happened? Did this Travis guy I've just now stumbled upon end up driving everyone out?
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The Adventures of Frieda Read
This is the place where fans can discuss my Arthur fanfic about his daughter from 20 years later. Note: This is currently a WIP, so bear with me.
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The Sue Ellen and Fern Forum
This is a forum devoted to my 2 favorite Arthur characters: Sue Ellen Armstrong and her voice actresses past and present Patricia Rodrieguez and Jessica Kardos and Fern Walters and her voice actress, Holly GauthierFrankel.
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Sheigo's fanfics
Questions, comments and suggestions.
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Discussing Fern and sue ellen's secrect
Am i the only one who thought that the story was just a little tooo wierd or no? am i missing something here. no offense but i think that it was a little too discriptive. the story fern and sue ellen's secrect
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No more rated M stories
No more rated M stories I got rid of them so sorry about them. As in sorry I didn't listen but something came up and getting help.
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