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Sophomore Sorrows and More
This is the place where fans can discuss Sophomore Sorrows. I also plan on doing a commentary type thing in the future. Note: This is currently a work in progress, so bear with me.
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Arthur Goes Fourth and Arthur Goes Fifth
A forum for questions and comments about the Arthur Goes Fourth and Arthur Goes Fifth series.
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The Sugar Bowl
"Arthur" topics relating to the show, its episodes, characters and books.
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An Arthur Forum
Check here for different Arthur related disscussions. Also included are disscussions about my story: The New Kid, Greg and Sarah, and soon to be: The Other Classes and any ideas other people might have to continue it.
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My Arthurverse
Feel free to talk about and ask about my Arthur fanfics. OCs, pairings and so forth can be discussed in this forum.
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Family Friendly Forum for Arthur Watchers
A forum where you can talk about the 1996 through present TV series in a safe environment. Content in posts must be as clean as the TV series.
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A Strange Adventure Series
They might not be serious and mind blowing like ARTHUR Goes Fifth but what ASA does have is random comedy! A whole forum about my series strange series that PBS wouldn't even think of trying, but I did anyway! Come on in if you love randomness!
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The Sue Ellen and Fern Forum
This is a forum devoted to my 2 favorite Arthur characters: Sue Ellen Armstrong and her voice actresses past and present Patricia Rodrieguez and Jessica Kardos and Fern Walters and her voice actress, Holly GauthierFrankel.
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Sheigo's fanfics
Questions, comments and suggestions.
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Discussing Fern and sue ellen's secrect
Am i the only one who thought that the story was just a little tooo wierd or no? am i missing something here. no offense but i think that it was a little too discriptive. the story fern and sue ellen's secrect
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