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¡El Cometa de Sozin!
Las cuatro Naciones vivían en armonía... ¡Y así ha de seguir! No importa de que nación provengas, jura lealtad al Cometa de Sozin, el símbolo de paz y hazte parte de esta nueva experiencia. ¡BIENVENIDOS AL FORO MÁS GRANDE DE AVATAR!
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Avatar: The Last Airbender Fanfiction Challenges
This is modeled after the Harry Potter Fanfiction Challenges. This is a forum for AtLA fans to discuss the show and all its magnificence, find or request fanfics, and to host and participate in challenges and competitions to improve their writing skills.
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ATLA: Tales of the White Lotus RP
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Avatar the last air bender: Change
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Avatar Roleplay
The war is over and all is well. Zuko is a succesful firelord and there is only one thing that could jeapordize the peace: Azula has gone missing. OCs are more than welcome.
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Kataang or Zutara?
This argument has come up a lot, what are your opinions about Kataang and Zutara? Which pairing is more likely? Do you think they're age differences really matter? Everyone's invited! Keep it respectful, though.
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Pro-bending Circuit
This is modeled after the Quidditch League Fanfiction Competition, created by Fire The Canon (Ashleigh) on the Harry Potter forums. Show off your bending skills by joining a pro-bending team and entering my Pro-bending Circuit - a fun writing competition with many tasks. Open to all. Open to both AtLA and LoK.
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Avatar: The Last Airbender RP
Come here to create OC's, write up plotlines, and RP in the awe-inspiring world of ATLA!
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Avatar RP
Just a regular Rp with so much more fun. Create your own bender or be a cannon character.
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Avatar RPG and other
avatar roleplaying
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Avatar the Last Airbender RP
Takes place one hundred years after the first series. Nothing else to really say but: have fun!
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ATLA: The Last Frontier
Everything is going wrong... Avatar Aang had died against the hands of the phoenix lord Ozai! Azula has been crowned Queen of the fire nation and the nations that ruled under different elements are being forced by the fire nation! Has all hope lost? [Closed for now...]
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Elemental Existence
Where we rub the desired materials all over your body. Sister forum of Venomed Existence.
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Avatar: New Book
Fire lord Ozai has been overthrown! After Avatar Aang overthrew the Fire Lord and brought balance back to the world, there are now times of peace. There is no more war on the grand scale of the 100 year war, but peace seems impossible. Maybe you can help. Be a bender and hone your gift. Pick up your spear and sharpen your skills. You get to choose your destiny in the world of the Avatar. And don't do drugs.
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Avatar war, clash of the nations!
Centuries after Aang's death, the world hasn't technologically advanced, but has been pushed into war once more! Only this time the Avatar has just died, and his reincarnation wherever it might be, is only a baby! It's up to some rare benders and powerful
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Avatar: Legacy Ages
Fire, Air, Water, Earth, four nations that use to live in peace an harmony but every thing changed when the fire nation attacked only the avatar master of all four elements can stop them but when the world needed him most he vanish, a hundred years later a girl and her brother found the new avatar a airbender named Aang, he slowly made his way mastering all four elements with the help of his friends, eventually the avatar defeated the fire lord bringing an heir of peace. ( has various different rps)
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Avatar: The Last Roleplay
This roleplay is for anyone who wants to join. Make up your own air, water, earth, or firebender and join the adventure.
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Avatar: Shattered Balance
The world had reduced to a wasteland, the natural balance had been crushed, along with the last Avatar, by the new Equalist organization. Will order be restored? Had the cycle finally ended?
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Bending For Pros: The Avatar Roleplay
In a future where all the nations live in peace and harmony, There can't possibly be any problems, right? Wrong. With the Avatar Universe now caught up to modern times, can the benders and Non-Benders finally get along after centuries of arguments, or will their fighting be their downfall as a new evil arises? And where does the Avatar fit into all this? Soon, young one, you will find out.
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Avatar: Burning Liberty
LITERATE and ADVANCED RP. OC/Slight AU/Rated T . Plot inside.
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Rp chat we got it all....*snoze*
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Airbending Slice
Do you like Sokka and his meat oriented jokes? Do you like Zuko...just cuz he's Zuko? Do you like Team Avatar cuz of their awesomeness? Then AirbendingSlice is for you! Come on in, RP, make some global friends, and RP! Did I mention RP? *ACTIVE AND SEARCHING FOR NEW RPERS!*
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Thousand Miles Avatar RP
Tensions are still high as the four nations work to rebuild the peace and trust Ozai and Sozin had shattered. Violence threatens to again take hold of those unwilling to let go, but others are preoccupied with their own motives. Some seek retribution for the war gone by, others seek the new opportunities granted by peace time, but some are content to leave well enough alone. But where do you stand?
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AtLA: A New Age
Welcome, youngster. I am Avatar Aang. Come and join me and my Gaang as we explore the world, train our bending skills, meet new people, and fight renegade troops. Welcome to the New Age.
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Avatar The Last Airbender Writing Help
To work on my Stories with my Betareaders and Colaberations
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