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The New Avengers
The original Avengers have all retired but Earth is not safe. Time for a new generation of heroes to Assemble.
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The Avengers Challenge Forum
Ever want to write up a story for the Avengers but couldn't think of a plot? Ever just want to read a *certain* type of story for them but couldn't find it anywhere? Well, this is the place to go!
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Ultimate Avengers Roleplay
An Avengers Roleplay to have fun and roleplay as an Avenger or a character of your own.
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Avengers: Writers and Fans
*Previously Just For The Cartoon* Where fans can talk about the show, and writers can talk about the show and writing.
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Ask a dumb question, Get a dumb answer!
Since the only other forums on here happen to be RP's, and I know not everyone does that, I figured I'd start one. And yes, this is just like the one on the Naruto page. Ask questions, play games, chat, do whatever. Need help with a fic?
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Avengers High
Shield has funded the construction of a learning base for gifted children to be taught basic combat training, to control their powers, and... algebra? Come and create an OC to join the school, or maybe one of your favorite cannons will make a guest appearance, or maybe will even teach your favorite class! Everyone is welcome at Avengers High!
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Avengers: Everything
Welcome to Avengers: Everything! Where everything Avengers: EMH!, writing and chat is welcome. Active*
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Accept The Unacceptable (VampireAU Steve x Human Tony)
Summary is inside!
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Tony Starks Cutest Moments
Im bad at summaries so This is pretty much just Tonys cutest moments as you can see in the title
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