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Batman Beyond revived
For everyone, trying to breath a new life into batman beyond fanfiction
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Beyond the Beyond
BB just doesn't get enough love, says I. Dedicated to any continuting discussion about our favorite BB characters, plots, and tidbits of information left to us from shows premiered subsequently. Cough, cough, Epilogue.
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The BB Episode Discussion
Discuss all the episodes here. Share your opinions and favorite parts of the episode. Debate over something, or share a subtle detail you noticed! Chat and meet other fans in the Chat About Anything section! Express your opinions!
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Fic Challenges!
Fic Challenges for Batman Beyond and Justice League/Justice League Unlimited! Some seperate and some crossovers! The Challenges will be posted here, with the fics created by them!
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Beyond DCAU
A place to post a reply to prompts, share ideas on what you think should have happened, say what wish they had done differently or just talk about the show and how it interacts with the rest of the DCAU.
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Discussion Beyond: My Batman Fic
Batman Beyond: The Legacy Continues, a place to talk about my fan fiction, updates, story discussions and much more.
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