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Arkham High School for the CLINICALLY INSANE!
Gotham's most depraved villains-now as teenagers in reform school! How crazy will it get? You decide! OCs and canons all welcome.
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Gotham City RPG
A place to rp your favorite batman characters, ocs welcomed.
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HI! This is my very first RP fourm, and it's about apprentices for some of our favorite Batman villians! Oc's welcome! I'll begin when I think we have enough people. But do not put up a Joker apprentice! I'm her! UPDATE: I forgot to say that you can have a Scarecrow apprentice! Oops! :D Joker's grin! how awesome is that?
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Bat Talk
A chance to talk about the series we all love so much. Suggest fanfiction, fanart, awesome websites, or other things that might prove useful to us obsessive fans. Or perhaps, just a bit of relaxing talk of our favorite masked hero.
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Batman RPG
This is a batman Rp. Batman has been broken by his villains and now evil fills gotham amd someone must arise to stop the criminals.
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Batman: The Animated Series and things pertaining
Inspired by an ongoing conversation with Ms. Videl Son and I. Discuss about the hit series' Batman: The Animated Series, The New Batman Adventures, Batman Beyond, The Batman. Batman movies. Bruce Wayne and those associated with him. Etcetera.
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Batman: The Animated RPG
A RP set during the Animated Series. Take your favourite Batman character and live amongst the residents of Gotham; either causing trouble or saving lives.
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The Dark Side of Gotham: RP
This is an RP about the villains of the series and their lives. Anyone is accepted. Please join this forum, I'm lonely.
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We run the Asylum now! Ocs and Canons Welcome
The Patients are planning to take over the Asylum! Joker, Penguin, Two Face they're all running about!
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Girls' Night Out
An RPG inspired by all those wonderful bad girls vs. good guys or girls episodes.
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Start at the Beginning: AliceJervis Fic Aid
Having a rough time with your Alice/Jervis fic, or need an idea? Or need to drop off a couple of plot bunnies for care and feeding while you work on something else? Need encouragement, criticism, a beta, a RP-buddy? Then here's the one-stop shop.
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im new to the site and im not good at writing but i would love to read a story or stories Episodes Tyger Tyger that is the one were Catwoman has Animal TF Cat done to her
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BTAS vs the Brave and the Bold
Discuss how you like the Brave and the Bold better than BTAS. OR NOT. Personally the "Deep Cover for Batman" bothered me...discuss HERE!
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Mad As A Hatter
Thoughts on Jervis Tetch and his role as the "Mad Hatter" in Batman TAS. Comic book and other DC versions of his persona are subject to the microscope as well. "Were all mad here..."
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When Love Grew
Nolanverse. This my idea of how Harley's love for the Joker grew and maybe his love for her started to bloom too? This is my first so be nice and tell me its good or not to continue : Rating T
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Ideas for a fantastic voyage plot for the batman new adventures
Poison Ivy could be the villian for my story. She created a plant like virus to invade the human body. Nightwing will probably get infected? Its up to batman, robin, and batgirl to turn small to save his life before he turned into a "plant". Possibly a DickxBabs?
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