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BeetlejuiceBetelgeuse whichever you prefer
For all those who love Or are hopelessly obsessed with the dead man. . . And Lyd's too, I suppose we can add her. . .
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Beetlejuice Roleplay
First BJ roleplay on here! I'm probably going to need some help developing the rules and plot, so if you want to please help out! I'm also going to post challenges here.
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NEW Beetlejuice RP!
Come and roleplay in the Beetlejuice universe!
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Beetlejuice Contest Area
Are you bored? Have nothing to do? want an excuse to do something more fun than work? Here is your place! Be challenged by random people to writhe and maybe gain some courage to finish that old fanfic of 2006.
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Beej and Lyds romance
A fourm dedicated to the ghost with the most and his best pal in the world Lydia Deetz. Talk about the romance that will probably happen sooner or later.
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Sparky's Beetlejuice FanFic Forum
Just a general forum to discuss all BJ fanfics of all types. Welcome!
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Sora's Beetlejuice Mania
Just a little forum for the fans of Beetlejuice... If you want to discuss things, you may. You can post story challenges if you wish... But, if you decide to post a story, please post it in Sora's Anime Haven... All stories are welcome...
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Anyone else see all the symbolism in the movie for Burton's coming movies or just symbolism at all?
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The Spooky Corner
Challenges! Post any you have here.
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A Spooky Boutique
A place to pitch ideas, and ask for help regarding writer's block. I really want this to be just about YOUR fanfic! So feel free to brag, and advertise shamelessly! We want to know!
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Challenges and themes
Just thought a place where everyone is challenging everyone would be fun. Just post the challenge or theme and go!
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Beetlejuice: Love is not Dead
Lydia marrys Beetlejuice to save him from going to prison. Together they learn how to love each other. And in the process Lydia recieves a mysterous gift. That will change both her life and Beetlejuices.
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