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Boondocks Stats
Boondocks fan stats. Most hated pairing, Most liked pairing, Yaoi or Yuri, least favorite character, Favorite, Favorite episode, etc
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Fans in the Boonies and Beyond
A place to talk about episodes and recommend great fanfiction. Also you can challenge each other to see who writes a better story and discuss various pairing you like and dislike.
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What is going to happen to the Boondocks?
What do you guys think is going to happen to the boondocks, new series? New sequel to show? Final movie? new game? Or death. Discuss it!
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Boondocks & XOvers
I'm sure if you're reading this, then you like the Boondocks. I'm also sure that you've thought of crossing the Boondocks with another show, book, or something. Well, if that's the case, then sit down and tell us all about it, cuz we'd love to hear it! AL
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The Boondocks Roleplay!
After getting sucked into forum roleplay and then getting sucked into The Boondocks fandom, I found that there was no roleplay forums. So here is one! YAY!
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Boondocks seasons plus!
On this forum, you can discuss what episodes you would like to see for the series The Boondocks, episodes that should have gone another way, or a character/new character trait in any existing characters you would like to see. After discussing ideas, you can create a story for that episode! (It would help if the ideas were plausible in the Boondocks universe, e.g characters stay the same age)
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