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Chaotic: Continued
Continue the story of Chaotic with your own OC's or the cannon characters. Play matches in the dromes, challenge the code masters, go on scan quests and explore Perim!
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Perim: Heroes of a New Generation
It's been many years sense Tom, Kaz, Sarah, and Peyton's last trip to Chaotic. Now, new players are rising the challanges of Perim. And guess what, you are one of them. Prepare for the all perils and adventures you will have in Perim. All are welcome.
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Story Ideas for People who want to Write a Chaotic Story
So, this forum is for authors wanting to talk about their stories, other people's stories and ideas that can led to a great story later on. You can also post a request/challenge to help find an author that would be willing to write it or if you want to write a Chaotic story, but don't have any ideas of what to write you can find one here.
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Underworld Tribe
Talk about any and everything about the Underworlders. I'm still working on it.
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Who's your favorite chaotic monster? And what kind
Just wondering. I think its a nice topic to talk about.
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