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Class of the Titans RP
Create your own Chosen One and play as that character.
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Is Neil getting a bad rap?
Share your thoughts and opinions on Neil.
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An Eighth Hero?
There are alot of stories and comments about an eighth member joining the team. Here's your chance to share your ideas for an eighth member with other fans.
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How do you add a second chap?:
How do you make a second chapter? I have my first but i can't figure out how 2 make a second one. HELP PLEASE!
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Anything slashy in any way between any of the COTT characters.
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Class of the Titans Conversations
You can talk whatever about Class of the Titans here; talk about fanfiction, pairings, episodes... etc.
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Class of the Titans
Talk about Class of the Titans here! Express your feelings about it and maybe you'll find some people who have the same feelings about it. Who knows? If you do wanna know, post post post post post!
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Other Characters
Everyone is always talking about the seven heroes, but what about all the other characters in COTT! This forum is for you to post your thoughts and feelings on other characters, especially if you favourite is one of them.
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all about our fav couple. soulmates or enemies? I totally say soul mates.
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