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Code Lyoko RP come on!
Join the maddness, with Aelita, Jeremy, Yumi, Ulrich, Odd...and X.A.N.A? Yup, X.A.N.A, as they go through different challenges to try to keep each other safe...and alive. All OCs allowed. .. JOIN!
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Code Lyoko: Rise of NexVIRAL (season 2)
The warriors have defeated xana only to rise up against Nex..a new virus whos goal is to take over the world. Join the fight and crossovers are welcome. Season two takes place three to four years after Nexs defeat where a new virus named Vira has arrived to follow XANA and Nexs ambitions...
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Code Lyoko Roleplaying
A Forum for anyone who wants to roleplay with the five seasons of Code Lyoko
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Code Lyoko RPs!
Come here to RP our favorite Code Lyoko charries and OCs are accepted!
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Code Lyoko: Your World
Add yourself into the plot of Code Lyoko! Canon Characters and O/C's.
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Roleplay! YAY!
I've always wanted to do roleplay, ALWAYS! But there will also be other stuff here. OCs welcome but canon people too.
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The Next Generation: Code Lyoko
Code Lyoko is back! But has the kids of the Lyoko team. I got Odd's kids! You can have 2 to start with but PM me if you want more when you start.
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Code Lyoko : Somnus' reign
A deadly virus from America has made it's way to Europe only a few months after the defeat of Xana. Now that the virus is here The American and original warriors have to work together in order to savr the world
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Code Lyoko: A New Beginning
Time has passed since Jeremy and his friends shut down Code Lyoko and made their own lives. But strange things begin happening and it's up to the new party to stop it!
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Code Lyoko: RP
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Code Lyoko RP!
The original warriors have all graduated Kadic Academy. They have defeated XANA and are ready to face the world as normal people. With their memories still close in hand the friends set out on their own lives, while still managing to keep up with each other. They do not know however that while they are living normal lives, XANA has returned, and it's up to the next generation to stop him! *inactive*
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Code Lyoko rp
When all but Alieta have been captured by XANA she must get new Lyoko warriors to help get her friends back from XANA.
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He's Not Finished With Me Yet (future-based plot)
Why them... Was all Jeremie Belpois could think when XANA had outsmarted them, trapping his friends in Lyoko. Twenty years had gone by, and finally, XANA woke itself up, launching a new spring of attacks. New warriors arise, to help those that fell into possession those twenty years ago.
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Code Lyoko Not The End
A continuation of the famous and awesome show, Code Lyoko. But it's not only Xana the gang of Lyoko Warriors have to worry bout, a new foe has appeared, seeking to bring Xana back. Make Personas and fight against the forces who seek to rule our world.
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Code Lyoko: A new turn
A new code Lyoko forum that won't go inactive because of the mod disappearing. This is set around the start of season three so basiclly right after xana takes Aelita's memories.
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A forum designed specifically for discussing your favorite and least favorite Code Lyoko couples! NO gay couples, though!
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Code Lyoko: The Second Beginning
*just enjoy the rp. heh.
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Code Lyoko RP Forum
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Code Lyoko Role Play
I know there are others, but the ones I've seen are very far along and or are inactive. So come join this role play, because XANA is back and more powerful then ever.
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Code: RolePlay
Hola peoples. I'm really bored so i've decided to make this forum and create my very own code lyoko roleplay. I would join someone else's but i'm sorta new to the site and still getting used to it. So yah.
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Code Lyoko: Xana Rises Again
Is now ready for roll playing. YAY RP! Come one, come all, for the continuation of the show we love- and this time, we, the Fans, get to decide what happens! This occurs about ten years after the end of the seires, so the Cannon Characters aren't here. OC
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Code Lyoko Role Play
make up characters and actions and aventures with other authors and readers! original characters are played by everyone and anyone.
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Code Lyoko Nonesense
Where people can get their CL questions answered, and put in their two cents.
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Secret Love
Everyone believes that the only one who should be with Aelita is Jeremie. But what about us minority who thinks that Odd and Aelita could be together? Tell me what you think. If you don't like it, don't come.
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2008 Code: Lyoko Fanfiction Awards
Other fandoms have it, so why not our own? Come and enter a fic, be it anothers or your own, in the 2008 CL fanfiction awards!
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