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Danny Phanatics
Come here to discuss anything about Danny Phantom: Challenges, quotes, plot holes, episodes, pairings, characters, and more!
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Order Of The Phantom
This is my RP forum Order of the Phantom Ootp for short
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Phantom Roleplay
Let's get ready to roleplay!
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Danny Phantom Roleplay
A forum for Danny Phantom RP! Hopefully it won't die like the others!
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Arrancar in Amity
A forum to discus detail about the arrancar in amity challenge
English - Topics: 7 - Posts: 2,990 - Since: 08-20-11 - Admin: Sharkteeth
The Episode Discussion
Discuss all the episodes here. Join in on their topics that have gotten completely off-topic and fun. Start debates/discussions. Chat and meet other fans in the Chat About Anything topic! Express your creativity in the game topics! Express your opinions!
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All DP, all the time.
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Danny Phantom RP which means, awesomeness!
It's an RP, for Danny Phantom, what more do you need to know?
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We Are the Halfas
In this roleplay, YOU are a halfa living in an Amity Park where Team Phantom does not exist. Will you become a hero, villan, or stay in the shadows?
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well there is everything from messed upnormal pairings to saving danny here. And then there is this big list thing for the DP lingo.
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Danny Phantom Slash
This forum is all about Danny Phantom Slash! Closedminded people not allowed... lol Talk about your favorite slash pairing!
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Special Slash & Unique Pairings Hide Away
This is the place for you if you are a slashuniquie pairings fan. We talk about pairings, challenge poeple to different story to write and other stuff.
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Danny Phandom RP
This is for Danny Phantom RPers. I'm currently looking for OCs for my story Viva the Revolution. I'll use this to develop all my characters to make them less Mary Sueish. OCs are welcome, and Canon characters are aloud.
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Going Ghost
Danny Phantom Role Playing Room. For those who just want to step out of their shoes and be someone else for a while.
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Danny Phantom RP
Here it is at last! I'm a huge fan of the series hoping that it's revived and I want to RP this. :) Feel free to submit an OC, claim a canon character, and begin. I hope you guys like it.
English - Topics: 9 - Posts: 227 - Since: 12-03-15 - Admin: Eric Cartman forever
Danny Phantom: New Beginnings
When the Disasteroid was allowed to phase through the planet, shockwaves were sent rippling through the dimensions, cracking the prison holding several powerful and dangerous ghosts. Danny Phantom alone isn't going to be able to stop this threat, sonew heroes, both Ghost and Human, must rise up to save the worlds.
English - Topics: 7 - Posts: 179 - Since: 03-22-18 - Admin: Lupin Dark
The Random Danny Phantom Forum
It's just a forum to talk about Danny Phantom. Thoughts, Opinions, Any random thing u wanna say! YAY! Danny Phantom IS THE BEST SHOW EVER!
English - Topics: 8 - Posts: 176 - Since: 05-11-06 - Admin: Queen S of Randomness 016
I know alot of people who like different parings on this show, so tell me which couples you like the best!
English - Topics: 8 - Posts: 129 - Since: 01-07-06 - Admin: HornedHalo
Danny Phantom RP
A Danny Phantom Roleplay. Canons and OCs welcome. No one-liner/really short posts though.
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DP Cancelation
Hey! i just wanted to hear how other people feel about Danny Phantom being canceled...i hate nickWrite here if your angry or happy or...somethin'... im VERY angry .
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Ever notice weird stuff on the show that your not sure if you saw or not? Or just want to talk about them? here's your chance! Please abide by all forum rules! we also have a few chats up, but their just for fun
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Paulina Haters
For all of those Paulina haters out there express your anger and let it all out...without getting me in trouble!
English - Topics: 3 - Posts: 86 - Since: 12-16-05 - Admin: ROLOGIRL500
Beta Readers Central
Need a beta reader? Willing to be one? Don't even know what a beta reader is? Here's a place to connect, or maybe just get your questions answered. Spelling, punctuation and usage mnemonics provided at no extra charge.
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DS Forever
Who loves the DS relationship? I know I do. Come here if you're a DS fan like I am.
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