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Danny Phantom Roleplay
A forum for Danny Phantom RP! Hopefully it won't die like the others!
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Danny Phandom RP
This is for Danny Phantom RPers. I'm currently looking for OCs for my story Viva the Revolution. I'll use this to develop all my characters to make them less Mary Sueish. OCs are welcome, and Canon characters are aloud.
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Going Ghost
Danny Phantom Role Playing Room. For those who just want to step out of their shoes and be someone else for a while.
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Danny Phantom: New Beginnings
When the Disasteroid was allowed to phase through the planet, shockwaves were sent rippling through the dimensions, cracking the prison holding several powerful and dangerous ghosts. Danny Phantom alone isn't going to be able to stop this threat, sonew heroes, both Ghost and Human, must rise up to save the worlds.
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Danny Phantom RP
A Danny Phantom Roleplay. Canons and OCs welcome. No one-liner/really short posts though.
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Phantom Butterflies
We all know about the Butterfly Effect, right? Well, what happens when you add people to a story when they're not supposed to be there? Submit your OC or take control of a Canon Character and find out! (Canon divergent/semi AU RP-starts at the very beginning of the series, making gradual changes until it's ultimately a different story.)
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Danny Phantom RP
Danny Phantom RP
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Lost Stars
This is a story of two little kids who lost in a jungle by accident, one of them is a little ghost who doesn't know anything about ghost powers and get help from an enemy (actually he was their friend) and their parents were killed by Vlad Masters/Plasmius, Will they take their revenge? Wish you enjoy.
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