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The Descendants AU
Poised to take the throne from his father King Adam, Benjamin makes a proclamation to offer a chance at redemption to the trouble-making offspring of the Disney Villains who reside on the forbidden island of The Lost. Entering the last month of the summer watch these villainous descendants are allowed into the kingdom to attend prep school alongside the offspring of iconic Disney heroes. However, the evil teens face a dilemma. Should they follow in their nefarious parents' footsteps or become heroes?
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Disney Academy
You are a new student in the Disney Academy, a boarding school were the classes are something special. Create your character and jump in now! More topics to be up soon!
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Happily Ever After
Maleficent's return brought chaos and destruction to the Disney worlds, and it's time for the Blue Fairy and Jiminy Cricket to choose heroes who will help return and find the Happily Ever Afters. [In Progress]
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Welcome to Disney, Florida
Welcome to the town of Disney, Florida- Home to some of the happiest (and angriest) people on Earth. AU Disney RP!
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Friends and The High Council RPG
The World of Disney has fascinated us for centuries, with its tales of love,magic,and wonder. What if I were to tell you this world was real? Come and select your character, will you be one of the Friends on the Other Side and be a villain? or fight as one of the heroic High Council? Choose wisely for the fate of Disney is in your hands...
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Disney High!
Choose your favorite character in Disney and play them!
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I like disney shows! any thing disney! it doesn't matter what it is just as long has it's disney!
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Disney Slash
Does anybody else here like slash between Disney characters, or is it just me? If it's not just me, come and talk about your favorite pairings or non-favorites. SLASHINESS ABOUND!
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Character Castle
List your fav Disney animated character,whether it's Dumbo or Mulan,I don't care,all characters are welcome! But from ANIMATED MOVIES ONLY,no live action or T.V. shows!
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Weirdest Couples
Okay, I have some pretty weird couple ideas if you've ever put Randall Boggs with Celia or Chick Hicks with Sally, that's pretty weird and I bet you guys do too! Think of the weirdest ones you can... I don't mind!
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Disney Reincarnate: Once Upon A Time in a High School Far Away
A cruel battle fought and sacrifice made by dear friends has saved the Princes and Princesses from being erased by the Villains, but now they have lost their memories and have been reincarnated into the Mundane World and attend a High School together. And even worse the Villains are coming to do some unfinished business! Can new friendships be formed? Will romance blossom with people from other stories? And can they remember who they are before it is too late and defeat the Disney Villains to return home?
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The Disney Villain Academy
Have you ever wanted to be apprentice to a Disney Villain. Well, now's your chance. Take on missions, fight your own personal hero, and learn the trade from the most vile characters ever to hit the silver screen.
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Disney Princesses
How surprised I was to see no community for the premiere ladies of Disney! Come here to discuss them, love them, and appeal to the magic in you!
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The Ultimate Disney Questionnaire
I originally found this on Youtube and had a lot of fun answering it. Now, I'm bringing it to Fanfiction and asking you guys to do the same!
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Born That Way
When Princess Rosette announced that the mischievous offspring of renowned villains would be attending Auradon Prep, many were quick to argue that the hot-tempered princess was making a mistake. After being raised by their villainous parents on the Isle of the Lost their whole lives, how could the teens have anything but nefarious planned for the students of Auradon Prep? Here you can roleplay as a descendant of any famous Disney character, hailing from either the Isle of the Lost or Auradon. [OC-ONLY]
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Disney Plaza
Welcome to Disney Plaza, a place to talk about the place where dreams come true and make new friends. Everyone is welcome to join.
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When Disney Worlds Collide
{Active} *Open* All the Disney worlds have been cursed and sent to the town of Rainbow Falls. They have no idea how they got there or why they were sent there. All they know is they can't leave this strange town they have found themselves in. (OC's welcome)
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The Disney Library
Disney writers and readers unite! Check us out for review tag, contests, discussions, promotions, recommendations and more! All of course, featuring your favourite Disney stories!
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Jungle Book
Are you a fan of the Jungle Book? If you haven't seen it, that's okay. Just post if you're a big fan. Everyone is welcome, so come on in.
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I was very surprised there was no Pixar forum on here, so I decided to make one. Come join as we discuss everything Disney-Pixar related!
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Disney girls who aren't princesses!
Let's face it, some of the best Disney girls there are aren't princesses, so let's talk about them here. If I miss anybody out let me know.
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They're all kinda Goofy
A forum dedicated to talking about Goof Troop and its characters.
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No Strings Attached !
This forum is for the people who are fans of that little wooden boy - Pinocchio!
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The Disney Duck Universe
Here you can discuss anything to do with the Disney Duck universe. This includes Darkwing Duck and Duck Tales, as well as the comics. All I ask is that you don't flame each other, and that you respect each other's views.
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Ghostly Retreat: A Haunted Mansion RPG
A role play game with your favorite grim, grinning, ghosts!
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