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Ducktales rp
Come on down to Duckberg and meet Clan McDuck. Go on adventures with them , solve a few mysteries, or rewrite history. Whoo-oo! Ocs welcome
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The Duck Tales Den
Since there don't seem to be many DT forums, I decided to create a place where anything related to DT can be discussed. Please respect each other's views and don't flame each other.
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Ducktales role play
Hey everyone if you're looking to role play some duck tales you've come to the right place. Anyone is welcome to come snd join in.
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All that Glitters is Glittering Goldie
Calling all Glittering Goldie fans! Here's a place for you to talk about anything Goldie related including her and Scrooge's situation/relationship!
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Another DuckTales Movie
Do you think there should've been another DuckTales Movie?
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Where is she?
Wait a minute? Where was Daisy Duck during Ducktales? what do you think she was doing during that time?
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DUCKTALES WOO-OO who wants to discuss?
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duck tales life
do you guys love all things duck tales come in and we will talk no flames no info sharing all good thoughts and all duck tales
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The Ducktales Theories
Just as the title says, the Theories of Ducktales
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