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The Duck Tales Den
Since there don't seem to be many DT forums, I decided to create a place where anything related to DT can be discussed. Please respect each other's views and don't flame each other.
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All that Glitters is Glittering Goldie
Calling all Glittering Goldie fans! Here's a place for you to talk about anything Goldie related including her and Scrooge's situation/relationship!
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Another DuckTales Movie
Do you think there should've been another DuckTales Movie?
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Ducktales roleplay
Ducktales (2017) roleplay ocs welcome
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Where is she?
Wait a minute? Where was Daisy Duck during Ducktales? what do you think she was doing during that time?
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DUCKTALES WOO-OO who wants to discuss?
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duck tales life
do you guys love all things duck tales come in and we will talk no flames no info sharing all good thoughts and all duck tales
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The Ducktales Theories
Just as the title says, the Theories of Ducktales
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Role play duckburg
You can role play as your favorite characters but humanized
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DuckTales Roleplay and Chat
A place to roleplay and relax for DuckTales!
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DuckTales: Insanity AU
Okay, so... I had an idea after reading a DuckTales creepypasta and after my friend, Nolan, asked some questions like "What happened to the Money Bin?", I decided to make the page. Ask me to the link to the Insanity AU page. Questions, suggestions, and easter eggs are accepted.
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A watch-it fic for Ducktales 2017
You know, it would be pretty cool if someone were to make a fic where the the characters of the 2017 Ducktales react to the episodes. Or maybe have Scrooge, Donald, and Della watch them just minutes before Della gets onto the Spear of Selene.
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