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Ask the cast of through out the years
So Asking the timeline I made with help from a youtuber her name is Marionette something I forgot. But this should be fun. If you guys need more info ask me please
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EddsworldOpposite Day
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Mistakes can be healed-Tomtord
[The cover is mine]After the end tord fixed his injuries but he's still recovering but...will he ever be healed emotionally.Tord feels regret and guilt he has nightmares about the "incident" and panic attacks.After a week he tries apologizing to his friends but the things don't go so well. Another story (no smut ) WARNING:Contains swearing,suicide attemp,suicidal thougts,self harm,depression,spoilers,yaoi(gay ships-dont hate me),blood and gore.If any of this triggers you please exit the fanfic. Have fun guys!
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In this Eddventure, Matt must deal with a curse of a mirror that turns him into a werewolf everynight! A love interest, a deul for control, and a way to break the curse...Read here!
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Edd s World
hola escritores, dibujantes y fanĂ¡ticos de Edd s world, vengan y publiquen que saben hacer y demuestren su gran talento. Lean las reglas antes de publicar en este foro.
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Eddsworld One-Shots!
My first One-Shot book for a fandom that I highly enjoy; Eddsworld! So, there are some ships in this story, so here they are: -TomEdd (Art credit goes to Miyuki - 1577 on tumblr!) - Fluff. - TordMatt (Art credit also goes to Miyuki - 1577 on tumblr!) - Fluff. - EddMatt (Art credit goes to Watermelondinos!) - Fluff. I love fluff.. Anyways, I hope you enjoy! Bye-bye;
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